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Q: Who were Nollie ten Boom van Woerden children?
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Was Nollie ten Boom Corrie ten Boom's sister?

Nollie ten Boom (van Woerden was her married name) was Corrie's older sister.

How many sisters did Corrie ten Boom have?

Corrie ten Boom had two sisters, Betsie ten Boom (never married) and Nollie van Woerden (married Flip van Woerden with six children). She also had a brother, Willem ten Boom. He married Tine van Veen, the younger sister of their family doctor. They had 4 children.

Who is nollie in the hiding place?

Nollie van Woerden was the second oldest sister of Corrie ten Boom, author of her autobiography, The Hiding Place. Her full name is Arnolda Johanna ten Boom.

How many children did nollie ten boom have?

Nollie had 6 children.

What is Nollie ten boom'm real last name?

Nollie ten Boom is Corrie ten Boom's sister. Both there last names are ten Boom

How many sibling did Corrie ten Boom have?

4. Willem (married Tine van Veen), Betsie (unmarried), Nollie (married Flip van Woerden), and Hendrick Jan, who died in infancy.

Who was in Corrie Ten Boom's family?

Corrie, born Cornelia Arnolda Johanna ten Boom, was the youngest child of Casper and Cor ten Boom. She had two older sisters, Betsie (Elizabeth) and Nollie (Arnolda Johanna) and an older brother Willem.Some of the family members mentioned in the Hiding Place are:Casper ten Boom, father(died in Scheveningen conectration camp, 1944)Cornelia (Luitingh) ten Boom, mother (died in their home, the Beje, 1919)Willem ten Boom, brother (died in 1946 of tuberculosis of the spine)Nollie (ten Boom) van Woerden, sister (Died 1987)Betsie ten Boom, sister(died in Ravensbrück concentration camp, 1944)Peter, son of Nollie, and Kik, son of Willem, nephewsHer aunts, Tante Jan, Tante Anna, and Tante Bep. These were all sisters of her mother.

Can you have a list of characters from the hiding place?

Corrie ten boom Casper ten boom Betsie ten Boom Karel Lt. Rahms Peter nollie Willem Mama and many more......

What family members went with Corrie ten Boom to the same concentration camp?


When did Nollie ten Boom die?

on October 22, 1953. Cause of death is unknown.

Was Corrie ten Boom the youngest in her family?

Yes, Corrie ten Boom was the youngest of her siblings. She had two older sisters, Betsie and Nollie, and an older brother, Willem.

Did corrie ten boom have a sister?

Yes. She had two sisters and one brother: Nollie, Betsie and Willem

Does Corrie Ten Boom have children?

No, but she has teaching the Jews(children)the God.

What is the name of corrie ten booms sister?


Who was corrie ten booms sister who was imprisoned in ravensbruck camp?


Who where corrie ten booms sitters and bother names?

Nollie, Betsie, and Williem

What was the name of Corrie ten Boom dad?

Casper ten Boom

What sister was Corrie ten Boom in concentration camp with?

Corrie ten Boom was in concentration camp with her sister named Betsie ten Boom.

Did Corrie ten Boom die?

Corrie ten Boom died in 1983.

When was Ten Boom Museum created?

Ten Boom Museum was created in 1988.

How did Corrie Ten Boom die?

Corrie Ten Boom died of successive strokes.

Was Corrie ten Boom born in Germany?

No, Corrie ten Boom was born in Amsterdam.

Who is Cor ten boom?

Cor ten boom was Corrie Ten Boom's mother. She shortly after coming out of a coma.

What is the birth name of Corrie ten Boom?

Corrie Ten Boom's birth name is Cornelia ten Boom.

Where was Corrie ten Boom born?

Corrie Ten Boom was born in Amsterdam, Holland in the Netherlands.