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Ray Bradbury's peers included fellow Science Fiction and fantasy writers such as Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Robert A. Heinlein. He was also associated with writers from the "Golden Age of Science Fiction" in the mid-20th century.

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Q: Who were Ray Bradbury's peers?
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Who is the protagonist in Ray Bradburys a sound of thunder?

The protagonist was Eckel

What are the internal conflicts of Ray Bradburys a sound of thunder?

going back in time.

What was the occupation of bradburys father?

Ray Bradbury's father was a lineman for the electric company, working long hours to support his family.

How did Ray Bradburys wife die?

Maggie Bradbury passed away November 2003 -- there are no details nor a bio that gives details.

What was Ray Bradburys attitude towards the government?

He probably disagreed with the governments decisions at the time considering the fact that he wrote a book "Fahrenheit 451", which is about a "tryant" "rebelling" against the government for banning books.

What publication of Ray Bradburys establish him as a leading writer of science fiction?

The publication of Ray Bradbury's that established him as a leading writer of Science Fiction was Fahrenheit 451, that was published in 1953. Prior to that, he published to collections of Horror and science fiction stories, they were the Martian Chronicles and the Illustrated Man, published in 1950 and 1950, respectively.

What is Ray Bradburys main source of education?

Ray Bradbury was mostly self-educated, as he did not attend college. He spent a lot of time in libraries reading a wide variety of books, which greatly influenced his writing style and interests. His love for learning and literature played a significant role in shaping his successful career as a writer.

What is the theme for ray bradburys the crowd?

The theme of "The Crowd" by Ray Bradbury revolves around the dangers of conformity and the loss of individuality in society. Bradbury uses the story to explore how the pressure to conform can lead to the suppression of personal identity and freedom. The story serves as a warning against blindly following the crowd without questioning the consequences.

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