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Vincent Richard Impellitteri, 101st Mayor, 1950-1953 Robert Ferdinand Wagner, 102nd Mayor, 1954-1965 John Vliet Lindsay, 103rd Mayor, 1966-73 Abraham David Beame, 104th Mayor, 1974-1977 Edward Irving Koch, 105th Mayor, 1978-1989 David Norman Dinkins, 106th Mayor, 1990-1993 Rudolph William Giuliani, 107th Mayor, 1994-2001 Michael Rubens Bloomberg, 108th Mayor, 2002-?

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Richard Di Blasio

Michael Bloomberg

Rudolph Giuliani

Edward I. Koch

David Dinkins

Abraham Beame

Robert Wagner

Anthony Impellitieri

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Q: Who were all of the New York mayors in the last 50 years?
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Who was the mayors of Rome New York in 1982?

who was the mayor of Rome new york in 1982

Who were past mayors of New York City?

New York City has had 113 mayors so far. Wikipedia has a complete list of them. See the Related Link below.

Where does New York's mayor live?

Gracie Mansion is the Official Residence but the last two Mayors have elected not to take up residence there.

What is the name of the New York Mayors mansion?

Gracie Mansion

What were the last three mayors of New York?

the current mayor of new york city is michael bloomberg (2002 - present). he was preceded by rudy giuliani (1994 - 2001). giuliani was preceded by david dinkins (1990 - 1993).

Who is the Mayor of New York State in 2011?

There is no Mayor of New York State. Only towns and cities have mayors. States have governors.

Who is the mayor of New York state?

States do not have mayors - - states have governors. The governor of New York State is Andrew Cuomo. The Mayor of New York City is Michael Bloomberg.

What is the president of New York's zip code?

There is no president of New York. City governments are headed by mayors, and state governments are headed by governors. So there is a Mayor of New York City and a Governor of New York State.

Where did Washington Irving spend his last years of his life?

Sunnyside,New York

Which is the Winnignest MLB team in the last 15 years?

New york Yankees

Who is the president of new york city?

No one. Cities do not have presidents, but mayors. Bloomburg is now mayor of NYC.

Who were the mayors of New York City in the 1940's?

James Duane Richard Varick Edward Livingston

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