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Who were commissioned by Christ to preach the Gospel to the world?

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2009-04-17 18:58:39

Truly, the Bible (and Jesus) wanted EVERYONE to preach the

gospel and the truth that Jesus died for you to save you from your

sins and on the third day he rose again! As illustrated in the

Bible, Christ commissioned His closest followers, those twelve men

that were known as His apostles, to preach the Gospel to the world.

He therefore gave them His authority, to preach in His Name, as

well as jurisdiction, that is, He as God bid them to preach over

the whole world. This direct line of authority and jurisdiction -

the apostolic lineage - was jealously guarded in the early Church,

and still is today, as the apostles and their legitimate successors

used their authority to commission others while denouncing those

that preached Christ without a proper mandate independently of the


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