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they helped with the wounded soldiers and provided food

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How were slaves involved in the Civil War?

Yo no se

Where there slaves in the Civil War?

Yes. There was slaves during the civil war.

How did slaves get involed in the Civil War?

the slaves were in the civil war because the war was about freedom

Who was the leading black spokesman for the emancipation of slaves prior to the civil war?

Who was the most Famous spokesman for Blacks prior to the Civil War?

Slaves role in Civil War?

the war was about them. had there been no slaves, there wouldn't have been a civil war.

What jobs did Slaves do in the Civil War?

the jobs that slaves did in the American civil war is druming

What are the number of slaves in US at the end of the civil war?

Many slaves had served in the Civil War. There were about 4 million slaves under bondage by the end of the Civil War.

Slaves during the Civil War?

Slaves during the civil war were treated very cruelly.

What did they call the slaves after civil war?


Who are other examples of Famous ex-slaves during the Civil War?

Dred Scott, Frederick Douglass, and Nat Turner were all antebellum slaves, but they were enslaved or freed very close to the Civil War.

Was Syria involved in the civil war?

Syria is involved in a civil war now, 2014

Was Iowa involved in any wars?

Iowa was involved in the Civil War. The Civil war was a major war.

What were slaves called during the civil war?


What war freed the slaves?

The Civil War.

Was California involved in the Civil War?

Yes, California get, although marginally, involved in the Civil War.

How many slaves were there at the beginning of the civil war in the US?

There were about 4 million slaves in the south during the time of the Civil War.

Were the slaves freed after the Civil War?

Yes slaves were freed after the civil war. They deserved the freedom after fighting bravely for justice.

What were the lives of the slaves like after the Civil War?

There weren't any slaves after the american civil war. They were freed by the emancipation act.

Why is Lincoln famous?

Abraham Lincoln was best known and famousfor freeing the slaves as well as stopping slavery, and winning the American Civil War.

Why were slaves prisoners of war?

In the civil war slaves were still slaves but still, they were with the enemy and were as such treated as the enemy.

How did slaves get an education after the civil war?


When were slaves freed after which war?

US Civil War

What did the end of the civil war mean to the slaves?

After the civil war in America came to an end , then the slaves rejoiced as they won their freedom at last.

What country was involved in a civil war before world war 2?

Before world war 2, Spain was involved in a civil war.

Why is the reason Texas was involved in the civil war?

Texas wanted to keep their slaves along with the other southern states and had to fight to keep them.

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