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Q: Who were geisha's?
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When was Glass Geishas created?

Glass Geishas was created in 2012.

What are the release dates for Dance of Geishas - 1906?

Dance of Geishas - 1906 was released on: USA: May 1906

What country are Geishas asscociated with?


What countery are geishas associated with?


What country is geishas assocated with?


What type of make up do geishas wear?

Geishas do not wear makeup but they paint their faces, Its a different concept where they have to look different from the crowd.

Are geisha's Chinese or Japanese?

Geishas are Japanese.

What is China's culture best known for?

the geishas.

In what country would you find Geishas?


What is the name of the country you would find Geishas?

In Japan

One thing Japan has that Americans don't have?


What country are geisha assoiated with?

Geishas are associated with Japan.

What country are are geishas associated with?

Geisha are associated with Japan.

Where are all of the kimon o girls?

Geishas are in Japan.

Did geishas get tattos?

No, I don't think they did get any tattos! I only think that because, Geishas wanted to keep their natural beauty. So that's why they don't want tattos.

Why do geishas wear silk?

Because it is a beautiful and luxurious fabric.

What are the release dates for A Cook's Tour - 2002 Dining with Geishas 1-2?

A Cook's Tour - 2002 Dining with Geishas 1-2 was released on: USA: 12 January 2002

What are Japanese Geishas?

A Japanese woman that is trained to be a companion for important men.

What country are Geishas associated with?

Geisha's are most commonly associated with Japan.

What country do geishas associate with?

Geisha's are most commonly associated with Japan.

Are there a lot of geishas in china?

There are no Geisha at all in China. Geisha are Japanese.

How do the traditional geishas dress?

Traditional Geisha dresses in a kimono with traditional sandals.

Why do geishas wear so much makeup?

It's part of the geisha uniform. The only geisha who wear the heavy "geisha" makeup on a regular basis are apprentices; trained geishas wear a much simpler style.

Where did geisha girls originate?

Japanese geishas have been around for a long time in Japanese history, with known variants existing as far back as the late 600. Throughout their time, geishas have always been entertainers of sorts.

What Is Important In Japan?

Perfection. Tradition, the keeping of the old ways(such as geishas and folk lore)