Who were henry the seventh children?

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Did kathryn howard have any children with Henry VII?

No because Kathryn of Howard didnt go out with Henry VII (the seventh)

How many years did Henry the seventh reign for?

Henry the Seventh reigned for 23 years.

What was Henry Clays mothers name?

Henry Clay Sr., was born the seventh of nine children to Reverend John Clay and Elizabeth Hudson Clay.

Who was the father of Henry tud0r?

Henry Tudor seventh

Did Henry Moore have siblings?

Yes, he was the seventh of eight children born to Raymond Spencer Moore and Mary Baker in Castleford, Yorkshire

What castles did Henry seventh build?


Did Henry the seventh have 8 wives?


How do you write Henry the seventh?

It is customary to write monarch's names as the name plus a Roman Numeral, so Henry the 7th is "Henry VII." This is pronounced as "Henry the seventh" and avoids confusion in a sentence such as "Was Henry VII the first Tudor monarch."

Who did Henry seventh Mary?

elizabeth of york

Who married henry the seventh?

Henry the 7th I think married Elizabeth of York.

What were the names of the church created by henry seventh?

Henry the 7th did not create any Churches.

Did Henry kelsey have children?

Henry Kelsey had no children.

Who reined in 1509 instead of Henry the seventh?

do you mean who reigned after Henry 7th, if so King Henry 8th did :)

When did King Henry the seventh reign?


What were Henry the seventh main achievements?

his are the battle of york

When did king Henry the seventh marry?

January 1486

Who had the first British royal wedding?

Henry the seventh

When did Henry the seventh became king?

Henry VII was king of England from 1485 until 1509.

What rhymes with tenth?

dominant seventh dozenth Henry the Seventh Darenth hundred-and-tenth Kenth Menth minor seventh Mnementh Edward the Seventh ENTH April tenth absinthe Benth Darenth diminished seventh George the Seventh jacinthe

Did king Henry have a seventh wife?

No, he only had six wifes.

What did Henry the seventh die of?

I think he died of cancer or tuberculous.

What did Henry the seventh do wrong?

mate with females, aquire currency.

How many brothers and sisters did Henry Moore have?

he was the seventh of eight

Who was the eldest son of Henry vii?

Arthur Tudor was the first son of Henry the Seventh and Elizabeth of York.

Henry Adams did Henry have children?


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