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Who were scalawags and carpetbaggers?

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Whites and Northerners who supported Republican policies in the South

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Who were scalawags and the carpetbaggers?

Scalawags were southerners who helped during Reconstruction and carpetbaggers were northerners who went south to help with Reconstruction. a helpful hint to remember which is which is to remember that scalawags and southerners both start with 's'.

Who were the carpetbaggers and scalawags?

The carpetbaggers were northerners who went south to help during Reconstruction. The scalawags were southerners who helped during Reconstruction. An easy way to remember which is which is to remember scalawags are southerners because they both start with 's'.

Who is side was the scalawags and carpetbaggers on in the civil war?

the union

Who went to the south the scalawags or the carpetbaggers?

The Carpetbaggers went to the south after the civil war for political or financial advantage.

Which term was given to southerners who supported reconstruction?


Why did southerners resent carpetbaggers and scalawags?

The southerners hated carpetbaggers because they were notherners who moved to the south after the Civil War. Southerners hated scalawags because they supported reconstruction in the south after the war.

What were scalawags and carpetbaggers?

Carpetbaggers were usually rich, Republican capitalists who travels south during the Reconstruction era after the Civil War in order to invest their money in the new developing industries. Scalawags were Southern whites who supported the Reconstruction of the South.

Who were the scalawags and carpetbaggers?

Type your answer her Whites and blacks who supported Reconstruction policiese...

What are Scalawags and carpetbaggers are terms associated with what?

.Supporters of the Republican Party in the South..

What were carpetbaggers and scalewags?

Both carpetbaggers and scalawags were derogatory names used to describe certain people during Reconstruction. Carpetbaggers were northerners who came to the south after the war to take advantage of the destabilized situation and profit from it. Scalawags were southerners who were supportive of the Reconstruction and Republicans after the civil war. .

Why did Southerners resent both scalawags and carpetbaggers?

The Southerners resented both scalawags and carpetbaggers during the Reconstruction Era because they were only out to make a fast buck. Many of them were swindlers and cheats trying to get something for nothing.

How did the carpetbaggers and scalawags contribute to the South's problems during the Reconstruction Era?

Because the south was trying to make peace with the north and the carpetbaggers and Scalawags were betraying their own states and believed in slavery and the north was not trusting the south even though it was the carpetbaggers and scalawags causing the problemthere ya go!Kayla^whoever wrote this is way wrong.Many of the scalawags and carpetbaggers shared the same vision of rebuilding and upgrading the southern economy and society. They created public school systems, establishing the University of Arkansas. They also helped make the railroads connect!

What role did scalawags and carpetbaggers play in reconstruction?

they made more conflict between everyone.

What name was given to northern politicians who went South after the civil war?

They were called "Carpetbaggers" and, "Scalawags".

How did the scalawags change government in the south?

scakawags changed the government in the south by bringing the republican ideas to the politics of south white southerners were referred a scalawags by their enemies carpetbaggers won in most of the cases and that led to scalawags moving towards

Derogatory term for white Southerners who cooperated with the Republican Reconstruction governments?

scalawags. the northerners were referred to as carpetbaggers.

What three group made up the Republican Party after the war?

Scalawags, Carpetbaggers, an African Americans who were grateful

What were some pros and cons of 19th century immigrants?

The scalawags were pros carpetbaggers were cons in the exPansion in the 19th century

What is the least related to the other four scalawags Ku Klux Klan carpetbaggers freedmen Union League?

the KKK

Which three groups benefited MOST from Reconstruction policies in the southern states in the late 1800s?

scalawags," "carpetbaggers," and freedmen

What has the author Traylor Russell written?

Traylor Russell has written: 'Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, & others' -- subject- s -: Crime, History

Which group did President Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction efforts affect MOST positively?

Carpetbaggers and scalawags gained the most from reconstruction.

What is a derogatory term for white Southerners who cooperated with the Republican Reconstruction governments?

Scalawags. The Northerners were referred to as carpetbaggers (from their fabric-sided luggage).

What group came from the civil war?

Need more context to answer this question. It could be carpetbaggers, scalawags, the KKK, the Radical Republicans, freedmen...

What were northerners who moved to the south following the civil war called?

Northerners who went south after the civil war were called "carpetbaggers" or "scalawags".

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