Who were some important leaders in tijuana?

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Who were some important leaders of the Christianity religion?

Jesus is one of the leaders of the Christianity Religion.

Who were some important leaders that contributed to the history of the war of 1821?

Two very important leaders that contributed On the war were Andrew Jackson and Tecumseh.

Why is tijuana important?

It's a border city to the United States.

Key leaders of Hinduism?

There are several important leaders of Hinduism. Some of these leaders include Adi Sankaracharya, Advaita Vedanta, as well as Ramanujacherya.

What are some important cities in Mexico?

Mexico City Acapulco Mazatlan Costa Maya Puerto Vallarta Tijuana Ensenada Guadalajara

Who are some important Hebrew people?

Some important Hebrew leaders were Abraham, Moses, King David and KIng Solomon.

What is the zip code for tijuana baja california?

It ranges from 22400 to 22550. It all depends on the specific address. Some examples are provided: Tijuana Internationa Airport: 22439 Lomas Tijuana: 22535 Parque Industrial Tijuana: 22424

How many miles from Sonora to Tijuana?

The state of Sonora is some 196 kilometers (122 miles) east of Tijuana.

Who were some important political leaders of the 1940's?

Some important political leaders were military such as Bernard Law Montgomery, General Patton, Winston Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and others.

What biome is Tijuana?

Tijuana is part of the coastal sage scrub or chaparral biome. It is also known as the Mediterranean climate by some.

Whats the best hotel in Tijuana mexico?

There are four of them that qualify as such:Camino Real TijuanaGrand Hotel TijuanaTijuana Marriott HotelHotel Lucerna Tijuana

Which US state is closest to Tijuana Mexico?

California is the closest US state to Tijuana. The closest US city would be San Diego, some 16 Kilometers (10 miles) north of Tijuana.

Who were some important leaders and what was their accomplishment in the New Hampshire colony?

Some of the important people were; Captain John Mason and Governor Sir John Wentworth.

What are some of important practices in Hinduism?

MeditationNot eating meatWorship of spiritual leaders

What is the birth name of Tijuana Bradley?

Tijuana Bradley's birth name is Tijuana Marie Bradley.

Who were the important pueblo leaders?

who was the leaders of the PueblosI don't know

What did the leaders of the progressive movement do?

What was important to the success of the Progressive leaders

What are the major gateways of Mexico?

The most important land gateways would be Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo.

What is an aboriginal Tijuana?

Someone from the Native American tribes that lived in southern California (San Diego, Imperial Valley and Tijuana) before contact with Europeans was made. The most important tribe was the Kumeyaay.

What us city is closest to Tijuana Mexico?

The closest US city would be San Diego, some 16 Kilometers (10 miles) north of Tijuana.

What are two of the most important leaders in Peru?

the two most important leaders of Peru is president and prime minister.

What Mexican city borders the US?

Tijuana, Juarez, Matamoros are some of them.

When was Tijuana created?

Tijuana was created on 1889-07-11.

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