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Miep - Saved the Franks, VanPels, and Fritz Pheffer In Israel those Gentiles who risked their lives to help Jews to escape, survive or avoid the Holocaust are honored as the "Righteous Among the Nations". In all, just over 20,200 people are commenorated in this way. (Do a websearch for "Yad Vashem").

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Q: Who were some rescuers of the Holocaust?
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Who Hid The Jews During The Holocaust?

the rescuers.

Who were the major participants in the Holocaust?

vitims, rescuers, perpatrators, and bystanderds

What were the people called that hid Jews during the holocaust?

They were called rescuers. It's as simple as that.

What would have happened without Holocaust rescuers?

Many more Jews would be dead and possibly Israel wouldn't be created.

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Who is Erika Van Hesteren?

Survivor of the Holocaust. She hide in Tina's House for more >

Who were the Rescuers of the Holocaust?

they would be either the people who managed to extract Jews from Nazi occupation, or those who helped to hide Jews under Nazi occupation.

List five famous men who were rescuers during the Holocaust?

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What are some questions about the holocaust?

Search the category 'Holocaust' for questions.

Who risked their freedom to help the Jews and how did they help?

The list isn't as long as it should be. Several stories are recounted at the Jewish virtual library site. See Holocaust, then go to the listing called Yad Vashem and click on "Righteous Among the Nations" for a list of some of the Rescuers.

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Who were the rescuers victims and perpetrators of the Holocaust?

the rescuers - appears to be a category that is getting increacing interest, they would be people who rescued others, however many rescuers were also victims or perpetrators. victims - were those who suffered, however again some of the victims were also perpetrators. perpetrators - were those who inflicted the harm on the victims. Holocaust survivor Primo Levi resisted becoming a 'kapo' (a prisoner in charge of other prisoners) because he did not want to enter the 'grey zone' where he says that many of both the victims and perpetrators fell. It was easy to steal (for example) food from fellow prisoners to help one's self survive, but condenming the victim to death, or for a guard to 'look the other way' when a prisoner stole food, both of these fall into the grey zone.

Who were some of the people who helped hide Jews from Nazi's troops and who was the righteous?

Schindler and the Ten Boom family are two of the best known ones, but there are many others. The Holocaust Memorial Center in Jerusalem commemorates over 24 000 rescuers. The Related Links below give...

How many people were injured in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was genocide. It was not some war, in which some were killed, some wounded and some taken prisoner.There are no statistics of "Holocaust injured". Please see the related question below.

How did some people try to prevent the Holocaust?

Some people helped individuals during the Holocaust. Nobody tried to 'prevent the Holocaust' - even the Allies did not try to do that.

What were some conflicts for the Holocaust children in the nazi war?

What were some conflicts for the holocaust children in the nazi war?"

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