Rosa Parks
Civil Rights Leaders

Who were the 5 people in Rosa parks family?

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Rosa Parks did a lot of major accomplishments. Rosa Parks stood up for herself. She was also brave and fought for her rights. Rosa stopped the separation between black and whites. Rosa also didn't obey segregation's. Rosa Parks did 5 major accomplishments.

Rosa Parks was born February 4th, 1913 and died October 24th 2005. Just 5 years ago!

she helped the bus boycott.

Rosa Parks was 42 years old at the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, December 5, 1955.

Rosa Parks did not go to school when she was 11 because back then, black schools only went up to grade 5.

Rosa Parks was small as a child, suffering from poor health with chronic tonsillitis. She was member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and she enjoyed the moment there.

No she didn't and after she got arrested

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on December 1, 1955. She was arrested and on December 5 a boycott was started against the bus line that lasted for nearly 400 days.

~Standing up for her rights ~Standing up for what she believed in ~Boycotting the Montgomery bus boycott ~Helping black people ~Begin brave

I think 5. Montgomerty, Pine Level, Montgomery, Detriot, Virginia.

1 it is named after a famous person rose Scott 2 i like it 3 it is famouse 4 the famous person helped allot of people

Rosa parks has black hair and is probably around 5''2' because that is the national average womens height. That's all i can give u, but i hope it helps! P.s. i know this because im doing a project on her for school

Rosa parks life was very interesting...... how well when Rosa was a little girl they still had segragation....... that means blacks couldn't do or go any places whites went and did but back to the topic...... when Rosa was 9 or 10 a boy who was white said that he was going to hurt Rosa for no reason so Rosa treatended him with a brick........ Rosa was a wonderful women but also when she was little her father left her when she was about 5 years old :(....but always remmber treat African americns the way they want to be treated

Hon. John B. Scott oversaw the case of City of Montgomery v Rosa Parks on Monday, 5 December 1955. Scott found Parks guilty as charged and fined her $14. She appealed the case, but lost there as well. The case, however, sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, that lasted more than a year.

She is around 5"2, has black hair and dark skin! hope it helps for those who have to do a project on her.... like me! :p

Rosa Rosanova is 5' 5".

Veronica Parks is 5' 5".

Raymond Parks, who married Rosa Parks in 1932, was 74 years old when he died on August 19, 1977. (birthdate February 12, 1903) NASCAR owner and race driver Raymond Parks was 96 years old when he died on June 10, 2010. (birthdate June 5, 1914)

Rosa Parks didn't start the boycott, but her arrest for refusing to give her seat to a white man on December 1, 1955, was the reason African-American community leaders organized the protest. The boycott began four days later, on December 5, 1955, and ended on December 20, 1956.

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Although Parks has sometimes been depicted as a woman with no history of civil rights activism at the time of her arrest, she and her husband, Raymond were, in fact, active in the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Parks served as its secretary. Sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks and 5 other unknown women at the time who were Claudette Colvin, Aurelia Browder, Mary Louise Smith and Susie McDonald, on 1 December 1955, and the Montgomery bus boycott was a 13-month mass protest that ended with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that segregation on public buses is unconstitutional.

The police did not fine her, the Montgomery City court fined her $10 plus court costs of $4 for a total assessed of $14.

Rosa Pasquarella is 5' 9".

Murilo Rosa is 5' 10".

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