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Canada had three Prime Ministers during the 1990s:

Brian Mulroney (1984-1993)

Kim Campbell (1993) (never sat in Parliament as Prime Minister)

Jean Chrétien (1993-2003)

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Q: Who were the Canadian prime ministers in the 1990's?
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Who was the tallest Canadian prime ministers?

Brian Mulroney

Canadian prime ministers born outside Canada?

There have been four Canadian Prime Ministers who were born outside of Canada. They are none other than Sir John A. MacDonald - Scottish and Canadian, Alexander Mackenzie, also Scottish and Canadian, Sir Mackenzie Bowell, Scottish and Canadian, and the most recent, John Turner, English and Canadian. Many Cabinet Ministers throughout history have also held multiple citizenships.

What Canadian constituency was represented by three prime ministers?

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What three Canadian prime ministers held the office in 1984?

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What president made the NWMP?

Well since the NWMP is Canadian and this is Canadian history we are talking about, CANADA HAS PRIME MINISTERS NOT PRESIDENTS!

Who is British Columbia prime minster?

Canadian provinces do not have prime ministers - they have premiers. Gordon Campbell is the premier of British Columbia.

Did Tony Blair succeed John Major as the Canadian prime minister?

Both were British Prime Ministers. Canada has its own Prime Minister, separate to the UK

Do prime ministers work in churches?

No, Prime Ministers are leaders of countries.

Who are two prime ministers of Canada?

There have been 22 Prime Ministers of Canada.

Who are the priministers and NDP's of Canada?

If you're asking which past Canadian Prime Ministers were NDP (or CCF) the answer is none. Every Prime Minister of Canada has either been Liberal or Conservative.

Where can one find a list of British prime ministers?

One can find a list of British prime ministers by going on a website such as Wikipedia where it lists the prime ministers of Britain. There are also books on the prime ministers of Britain that can be found on Amazon.

Has there been any female prime ministers?

yes there has been female Prime Ministers.