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the mayan leaders were the tainos and arawaks

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What was Mayan education like?

The Mayan way of education was taught to only the higher authority such as priest , leaders/ chiefs, and war leaders.

Did ancient Mayan nobles have more power than ancient Mayan government leaders?

no, they did not.

How were Mayan leaders chosen?

A fight to the death

What is the story Harris and you about?

What are some famous Mayan leaders

Who were the first leaders of the Mayan civilization?

Pacal The Great

What were all the Mayan leaders names?

Look in your books

Who were the Mayans famous leaders?

some of the famous Mayan leaders are Jeniffer Samantha and big Greg Jon

Who were some ancient Mayan leaders?

chris Wilson of new prospect.

How was life as a Mayan noble different from a Mayan peasant?

A Mayan Noble had to do nothing and the Mayan peasant had to work for the nobles

What jobs did ancient Mayan women have?

Mayan women played a big part in the Mayan civilization.Regular Women (Not noble):Prepared foodMade clothRaised childrenPrepared foodMade clothRaised childrenNoble WomenSome had jobs as public officialsHealthyPowerfulSometimes leaders of citiesI'm sorry if this does not answer your question.

What is the importance of Mayan masks?

The Mayan masks were very important in the Mayan cuture

Who made the Mayan calendar?

the Mayan....

What was the importance of the Mayan civilization?

The Mayan civilization left a lot of clues to future generations about the past. This included Mayan paintings, and the Mayan calendar.

What was the relationship between government and religion in Mayan society?

The mayan kings where often religious leaders as well. They believed the gods made them out of gold whilst they made lesser men out of the colorless god's finger. The ruling family was expected to draw their own blood as sacrifices to the gods.

What is the Mayan numeral?

you mean what is the mayan numeral?

What did Mayan cities consist of?

mayan people

What is the Mayan Queen's name?

Mayan Luise

Is there a leader of the Mayan gods?

no and there is no mayan gods

What were some of the Mayan artifacts?

the mayan calinder

Who is Mayan?

the leader of the Mayan tribe is Montezuma.

Who were the first Mayan leaders in history?

Ha, I don't know. If your wondering what the first leaders in warrior cats were than it was River (Riverstar) leader of Riverclan, Shadow (Shadowstar) Leader of Shadowclan,Thunder (Thunderstar) Leader of Thunderclan, and Wind (Windstar) Leader of Windclan.

Where to stay in Acapulco?

Go to The Mayan Sea garden, Mayan Palace, Or grand Mayan. the best hotels there!!!

What are the names of the modern Mayan languages?

the name of modern Mayan language is called mayascrit. it is Mayan for "writing"

Did the Mayan have city states?

Yes ,the Mayan did have cities

How many Mayan pyramids are there?

there are four mayan pyramids

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