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Who were the allies in WW2?

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The main allies were URSS,America,Britain. Although there where many countries that also fought and supported the allies, like Australia, Belgium, France, China, Canada, and some of the north African countries helped the allies. The USSR was the country that had the biggest role in WW2. In fact, 80% of Nazis' losses were caused by the URSS. The majority of German forces were concentrated in USSR.

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What countries were allies with Hitler?

Italy and Japan were Germany's main allies during WW2.

Why was Prussia disbanded?

The allies of WW2 saw Prussia as one of the main reasons for why WW2 broke out.

Were Japanese allies with Germany?

Yes, in WW2; no in WW1.

Who Canada fight with in world war 2?

Canada was one of the main Allies in both WW2 and WW1.

How many allies died during ww2?

11,705,250 allies died during WWII according to statistics.

What countries were US allies in world war 2?

Our allies in WW2 were Russia, Great Britain, and France.

What order did the allies surrender?

The Allies did not surrender in WW2 . You must be reading a different book than us.

Why was Korea partitioned?

This was the result of WW2 because of the fight of the Allies against the non Allies (including the Japanese).

Was USA and USSR ever friends?

During WW2 we were allies.

Could the allies have won WW2 without the colonies help?


What is a history word that starts with the letter A?

allies and axis in WW2

Who is winning in war war 2?

WW2 was won by the Allies .

Which country had citizens that would have helped the allies in ww2?


What were the names of the land vehicles that were used by allies in ww2?


What country did the allies fight against?

Which war? WW1 or WW2

who was involved in ww2?

There were a lot of countries involved in ww2 like Nazi germany , UK and the Soviet union who were in the allies and the japanese who were in the axis

Is Italy allies or axis?

well in ww1 it was in the allies. but in ww2 it was a axis. so i dont know if it will be allied or axis.

Who are current French allies?

they have the same ally they did in ww2 the white flag

Those fighting with Great Britain and France in WW2 were called?

The Allies

How did Hitler get away with the Holocaust?

the allies were not fighting for Jews during WW2

What name was given to Germany and its allies during ww2?

The Axis Powers .

How many different nationalities fought as allies in ww1 and ww2?


Which countries were allies during the ww2 The war between germaney and who?

The main Allies were USA, British Empire, USSR and China.

Which countries became known as the allies?

During WW1 France, England, Japan, U.S, and later Italy were the allies. During WW2 France, England, and the U.S were the allies.

Who were the Canadians allies with in World War 2?

Canada was part of the allied forces in WW2. The allies included the U.S., Britan, and the Polish.