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Who were the candidates for US President in 1860?


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  • Stephen A. Douglas - Herschel Vespasian Johnson (Democratic)
  • Abraham Lincoln - Hannibal Hamlin (Republican),
  • John C. Breckinridge - Joseph Lane (Southern Democratic)
  • John Bell - Edward Everett (Constitutional Union).
Abraham Lincoln won the election to become the 16th President of the United States.
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The main candidates for president in 1860 were Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, John C. Breckinridge, and John Bell.

The candidates for president were: Abraham Lincoln, John Breckinridge, John Bell, and Stephen Douglas.

The four candidates (and their parties) running for president in 1860 were Abraham Lincoln (Republican), Stephen Douglas (North Democrat), John Breckinridge (South Democrat), and John Bell (Constitutional Union). The winner was Abraham Lincoln.

To be president, candidates must be born in the US.

On March,4, 1861 Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States. He was sworn in on that date having won the 1860 US presidential race against three other candidates.

James Buchanan was the president for all of 1860. He left office on March 4,1961.

Lincoln won the election in 1860 with only 39% of the popular vote because he received the majority of the electoral vote. The US uses an indirect method to elect the President-- the popular vote does not decide the election. Lincoln was one of four candidates for president, and he had the most votes of the four.

The election of 1860 was the 19th presidential election. The candidates where Abroham Lincoln and Vice president John C Breckenridge. In the end, Abroham became the 16th president of the United States.

The United States Presidential Election of 1860 was contested between three candidates - Republican Abraham Lincoln, Southern Democratic John C. Breckinridge, and Constitutional Union candidate John Bell.

Incumbent President Ronald Reagan, a Republican, and Vice-President Walter Mondale, a Democrat were the candidates.

Lincoln won the presidency with less than half of the popular vote

The candidates for President in 1860 were Abraham Lincoln- Republican Party - winner of the election. John C. Breckinridge - Southern Democratic Party John Bell - Constitutional Union Party Stephen A. Douglas - Northern Democratic Party

James Buchanan was still President in December , 1860. Lincoln was the president-elect who would take office on March 4, 1861.

The Democratic party split in 1860 over slavery, in particular the question of whether it would be allowed in the new states that might join the union.

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln.

General Scott's advice to US President Buchanan in 1860 was that the federal forts located in the south should be garrisoned.

Democratic Candidates: Northern Democrats: Stephen Douglas Southern Democrats: John C. Breckinridge Republican Candidates: Abraham Lincoln John Bell November of 1860, Abe became our 16th President. Hope that helps (:

Stephen A. Douglas, US senator from Illinois was their candidate in 1860.

president bush and Ralph nader. thanks for viewing and don't ask dumb questions.

In the 2008 US Presidential Election, none of the candidates was an incumbent President or Vice-President. President George W. Bush completed his second term of office, and Vice-President Cheney didn't seek nomination.The Republican candidates were John McCain, US Senator (R-AZ), and Sarah Palin, (R) then-Governor of Alaska.The Democratic candidates were Barack Obama, US Senator (D-IL), and Joseph Biden, US Senator, (D-DE).

He was elected as President of the U.S. in 1860. He was re-elected in 1865.

Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican president in 1860.

You can't choose to be Vice President, you have to be the running mate of the candidates for President.

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