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Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy were the Central Powers of WW1.

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Q: Who were the central powers in ww1?
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Who were the leaders of the central powers during ww1?

Who Were The Leaders Of The Central Powers

Who faught in WW1?

central powers

What were the alliances in ww1 called?

The Central Powers and the Allied Powers

The central powers were defeated in ww1?


Was turkey in the central powers of ww1?


What were the Central Powers reasons for World War 2?

The Central Powers fought in WW1. The Axis Powers fought in WW2.

What did austria Hungary have to do with ww1?

They were part of the Central Powers.

What made up the central powers in ww1?


Who was winning the ww1 the year 1917?

The central powers

Name 3 central powers?

Triple Entente, Triple Alliance and Neutrality were the 3 central powers in WW1

Who supported Germany in ww1?

during WW1 it was basically the central powers vs. the allied powers. the central powers were GGermany, Austria-Hungary, and their allies, BBulgaria, and the ottoman empire. while the allied powers were the U.S., great Britain, France.

Who were the two opposing forces in WW1?

The Central and Entente powers.

How did austria Hungary get involved in ww1?

They were part of the Central Powers

What was the role of the ottoman empire in ww1?

they joined the central powers

Did the central powers or the allies win in ww1?

The Allies won.

Were the central powers evil?

Most of the world feels that the Central Powers were evil. During WW1, the Central Powers included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.

Central powers of world war 1?

the central powers in WW1 consisted of Germany, austria Hungary and the ottoman empire. bulgary

Who lost world war 1 the axis powers the allied powers or the central powers?

The Central Powers lost in WW1. The Axis is a term for Germany & Italy & Japan in WW2.

Who were the Central Powers of WW1?

The Ottoman Empire , Germany and Austria-Hungary .

Who were the central powers during WW1?

Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Turkey.

What were the countries fighting with Germany during WW1 called?

central powers

What country belongs to both Allies and the Central Powers during WW1?


2 opposing peace groups involved in WW1?

Central Powers & Allies

Another name for the central powers in ww1?

Tripple Alliance(the countries against USA)

What was during ww1 the alliance of Germany Austria hungrey and the ottoman empire?

Central Powers