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isabel sodr has three kids i heard one is paulo da gama ,the faumous vasco da gama , and also she has another son but i never saw his name == == -cassie toth

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Who were vasco da gamas parents?

His father was Estevao da Gama and his mother was Isabel Sodr.

Vasco da gamas parents?

His father: Esteavo da Gama His mother: Isabel Sodr

Who is Isabel in my children my Africa?

Isabel is one of the main characters.

Isabel drove the children to practice on Saturday What is the direct object?

"the children"

What has the author Isabel Gordon Carter written?

Isabel Gordon Carter has written: 'Pennsylvania children and the Depression'

Does Isabel Allende have children?

Yes, she has two children named Paula and Nicolas.

What is the birth name of Giovanna Gold?

Giovanna Gold's birth name is Sodr, Giovanna Goldsarb Padilha.

What is the birth name of Luciana Abreu?

Luciana Abreu's birth name is Luciana Abreu Sodr Costa Real.

Was Pedro Alvares Cabral married?

Pedro Alvares Cabral was married. He was married to Isabel de Castro. They had four children too.yes he did to Isabel de Castro

What has the author Helen Isabel Davey written?

Helen Isabel Davey has written: 'The effect of monetary reward upon the figure-ground perception and attributive judgements of children'

Did Roy Lichtenstein have any children?

No. He has two sons from his first marriage to Isabel Wilson.

How many Children Did Pedro Alvares Cabral have?

Pedro Alvares Cabral and his wife Isabel de Castro had 6 Children:Fernão Álvares Cabral António CabralCatarina de CastroGuiomar de CastroIsabelLeonor

Did Robert Louis Stevenson have children of his own and what were the names of his step children?

Yes, he did have children of his own. He had 4 children of his own. His step- children's names are Isabel Strong and Lloyd Osbourne.

Knock knock who's there Isabel Isabel who's?

isabel and isabel are sisters

Who are the Kabras?

They are a Lucian family. The children are Ian and Natalie Kabra. Their parents are Isabel and Vikram Kabra.

Who is Isabel Werth?

Isabel Werth

How do you say Isabel in Hawaiian?


Knock knock who's there Isabel Isabel who's I?

Knock knock who's there Isabel Isabel who's who is good for blowing your nose.

Who are some famous people named Isabel?

There are many famous people named Isabel such as Isabel Sanford the actress, Isabel Peron, President of Argentina, Isabel Desmet is a famous model and 2008 Olympic athlete Isabel Fernandez.

What is the birth name of Isabel Myers?

Isabel Myers's birth name is Isabel Myers.

What is the birth name of Isabel Mestres?

Isabel Mestres's birth name is Isabel Mestres Nez.

What is the birth name of Isabel Naveira?

Isabel Naveira's birth name is Isabel Naveira Ferreiro.

What is the birth name of Isabel Ampudia?

Isabel Ampudia's birth name is Isabel Ampudia Dez.

What is the birth name of Isabel Arcos?

Isabel Arcos's birth name is Isabel Arcos Fernndez.

What is the birth name of Isabel Pisano?

Isabel Pisano's birth name is Isabel Pisano Calistro.

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