Who were the defendants in the movie the verdict?


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who were the defendants in the movie Verdict

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Dr. Towler , Dr. Gruber and St. Catherines Hospital of Boston

Defendants are NEVER innocent. A verdict of 'Not Guilty' was decreed on July 5th, 2011.

Milo O'Shea playted the part of Judge Hoyle in the movie titled "The Verdict."

The plural of defendant is defendants. The plural possessive of defendants is defendants'

Plot (overview and can also mention the cast) Review (the review of that movie) Verdict (your opinion)

Defenadnt'S is singular but "defendants" is plural.

To attentively listen to, and evaluate, all evidence and testimony given at trial and to consider and render a verdict base on whether or not proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the defendants guilt was presented.

yes it canAnswerIn the US, a not guilty verdict cannot be over-turned. Defendants are granted the right against double jeopardy, or being tried twice for the same crime. If the defendant is found not guilty, it is after a trial. Since the state cannot have a second bite at the apple, his acquittal cannot be overturned.

In a jury trial, a jury hears the case and renders the verdict; in a bench trial, one judge hears the case and renders a verdict. Criminal defendants facing the possibility of six months or more incarceration if found guilty have the right to choose whether to have a jury trial or a bench trial.

majority verdict The verdict of a jury reached by a majority. The verdict need not be unanimous if there are no fewer than 11 jurors and 10 of them agree on the verdict or if there are 10 jurors and 9 of them agree on the verdict

The motto of Verdict Research is 'Think Retail Think Verdict'.

It depends on the severity of the crime.

The plural form of the noun defendant is defendants.The plural possessive form is defendants'.Example: All of the defendants' lawyers have spoken to their clients.

Yes, verdict can be a noun. Example: The jury has reached the verdict. It is an abstract noun

Everyone on the jury agrees with the verdict.

Jem is crushed by the verdict.

The duration of The Verdict is 2.15 hours.

It is spelt correctly in the question (verdict).

1.The judge asked for the verdict from the jury.2.The judge was going to ask for the verdict from the jury.

Plaintiffs do not have a surrebuttal. They have a rebuttal. Defendants reply is the surreebuttal. Plaintiffs case in chief Defendants case in chief Plaintiffs rebuttal Defendants surrebuttal

The jury handed down their verdict.The vet's verdict was that the pet cat only had a kitty cold.The verdict from the referees about the last play meant a tied score.

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