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Who were the early native people of Spain?

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Who are the native people in Spain?

The native people in Spain were Iberians.

Who were the early native people of Poland?

the native people were the native people from germany

How did early native people use obsidian?

Early Native People used obsidian for money, arrow heads, knives, and spears.

The algonquin are an indigenous people native to which continent?


Which early people lived here?

the early people who lived here were the native americans

Who were the early native people at France?

The gauls.

How early did humans use fire?

Native people

What is a person native from Spain called?

A person native from Spain would be called 'Spanish'.

What time do people eat Lunch in Spain?

Early to mid afternoon

Are the first people also the native people?

yes, first and native are the same. Native means originally from that area. The native Americans were the people that originally settled in America (before the Europeans did in the late 15th and early 16th centuries

What animals are indigenous to Spain?

Spain has a wide variety of native animals. Deer, Iberian wild goats, tortoises, bats, and snakes, are native to Spain. Cantabrian brown bears, native to Spain, are on the endangered species list.

Where is Catalan spoken in Spain?

Catalan is not a native dialect of Spain. It is spoken by 9 million people in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Isles and Andorra.

What did later explorers discover about the island northwest of New Spain that Cortes claimed for Spain?

Tat the native people of the island had a lot of gold

How did the early Native Americans get their land?

Since they were the first people on the land they settled there.

Why did early Georgia colonists work to maintain good relations with native Americans?

the colonists wanted to help defend themselves against spain

What are native plants and animals in Spain?

Anthora, ornamental onion, lacy self-heal, butterfly orchid, and bee orchid are plants native to Spain. In springtime, areas of southern Spain are dotted with the beautiful native orchids. The Spanish lynx is a native animal to Spain and on the critically endangered list. Other animals native to Spain include wild boar, red deer, and elk.

Who were the early people who got their food by hunting animals?

these people were native Americans who were called hunter gatherers

Relationship with native Americans and Spain?

Spain treated the Native Americans as animals, and those who they didn't massacre, they enslaved or deported.

How were European and native American cultures blended in new Spain?

How were your European and native American cultures blended in new Spain

What did Spain start in the borderlands of new Spain to convert the Native Americans to Christianity?

They established missions for the conversion of native Americans.

What were early native people of Greece called?

Greek people or the Greeks , also known as Hellenes, are a Nation and ethnic group native to Greece, Cyprus and neighboring regions.

How did Spain become a world empire?

By conquering the Aztec and the Inca and by forcing people to become part of their native

Which country eat paella?

Spanish people eat paella. This dish is native to Spain. It is regional to Galicia.

Where there any native American tribes near Spain?

Native Americans cannot live near Spain, but there should have been some type of Native Spanish tribes.

What was not a motive for exploration and early settlement of the New World?

D. Helping Native People.