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Jesus's deciples


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Q: Who were the first followers of Christianity?
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what are the followers in Christianity?

Followers of Christianity are known as Christians.

Name given to followers of Christianity?

The first was "The Followers of the Way" but soon "Christian" began to be used.

Does Christianity have the most followers?

Yes Christianity does have the most followers

What does Antioch have to do with Christianity?

It was at Antioch that Jesus' followers were first called Christians.

Who are followers of Christianity?

Christians follow Christianity. The first letter of Christianity is typically capitalized out of respect, as are all religious group names.

What major religion has the most followers?

The religion with the most followers is Christianity, I believe.

How many followers of Christianity are there in the world?

there are 2.1 billion followers of christianity.

Number Of Followers In Christianity?

I don't how many people are the followers of Chrisianity but I sure more billions of people are the followers of Christianity

How many followers of Christianity are in the world today?

One third of the people in the world are followers of Christianity.

Who are the followers of Christianity?

the followers of Christianity are originally called christians.The ones who have accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord and want to obey his commands.

How many followers are there in Christianity?

There are about 2.1 billion in Christianity

What is the approximate number of followers of Christianity?

There are approximately 2 billion to 2.2 billion followers of Christianity in the world.

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