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The Girondins were a moderate political group during the French Revolution who favored a constitutional monarchy and opposed the radical actions of the Jacobins. The Montagnards were a radical political faction aligned with the Jacobins who advocated for the execution of King Louis XVI and the establishment of a republic. The conflict between the Girondins and the Montagnards ultimately led to the Reign of Terror in 1793.

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Q: Who were the girodins and the montagnards?
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What position did Maximilian take in 1793?

Leader of the Montagnards

Where did the Montagnards come from?

They have always been in Vietnam and they are being persecuted because the Vietnamese think that the Montagnards were not on their side in the war. They are trying to migrate to the United States but are not aloud to do so.

Where do Montagnards live?

They live in the mountainous regions of southern Vietnam.

Original home of Hmong where persecution was suffered?

The only people in South Vietnam that the average "front line grunt" came in contact with were the Montagnards; other than ARVNs & the enemy. The Montagnards were, as the men were told, the original inhabitants of Vietnam...and these folks lived in the mountains (the Central Highlands)...thus the French word for MOUNTAIN PEOPLE; Montagnards.

Which political faction was the most radical the montagnards or the girondins or the louisites or the plain?


Who were the Mountain fighting tribesmen in Vietnam War?

Montagnards; French for mountain people.

Why did the Montagnards execute King Louis XVI?

A living symbol of the Monarchy was more dangerous then his value as a hostage.

What has the author Roger Frison-Rouche written?

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Who were Girondin and Jacobins?

The Girondins and Jacobins are one and the same; the Girondins are members of the Jacobin club. However the difference is the leading influential figures within the Jacobin club which caused a divide in ideology and resulting in two split groups; the Girondins and Montagnards.The Girondins are most famously associated with Brissot, hence their alternative name Brissotins.Whilst, the Montagnards were under the main influence of Robespierre. Heavily simplifying the difference between the Girondins and Montagnards; the Girondins were more conservative in ideas while the Montagnards were more radical, favouring total republicanism.

Why were the Girondists arrested?

The Girondists came into conflict with Montagnards, who were an extreme wing of the Jacobin Club during the French Revolution. This ultimately led to their arrest and execution.

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