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Q: Who were the influences in Meriweather Lewis life?
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Did Lewis and Clark discover the grizzly bear?

meriweather lewis and william

Who discovered grizzly bears?

meriweather lewis and william

What are Lewis and Clarks last names?

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

What was Meriweather Lewis's favorite color?

Most likely red

Who attempted to commit suicide on the Lewis and Clark journey?

meriweather lewis commit suicide from stress

Who was leader of the Corps of Discovery?

sacagawea was the corp of discovery leader

Who was sent to Louisiana purchase by Thomas Jefferson?

Meriweather Lewis and William Clark.

Who explored the Louisiana purchase looking for natural resources?

william clark and meriweather lewis

What is C.S. Lewis known for?

What are some of C.S. Lewis influences?

How Meriweather Lewis die?

On the way back to Washington from St. Louis after the trip it is suspected Lewis shot himself in his hotel room, there is no proof to deny this and the reports say it was a self inflicted wound

What is Brandon Meriweather's birthday?

Brandon Meriweather was born on January 14, 1984.

When was Brandon Meriweather born?

Brandon Meriweather was born on January 14, 1984.