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Who are the leader of World War 2


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There were 70 types of planes in ww1

Fighter planes and bombers.

what planes did the British RAF use in World War 2

how many planes id germany have at start of World War 1

we used planes in world war 2 it was easyer to bomb other places and they where new.

since World War I, planes have been used in every war.

because the inventors are retards lol

they where not important in world war 1 they became important in world war 2. They where not important because bombs where to heavy to be supported in planes. Hope this helps you.

Yes there were fighter planes in WW1

Many planes were painted as camouflage.

The US built no planes in World War 1. American pilots flew French planes; Nieuports and Spads.

yes because we participated in the world war

Empires of Industry - 1997 War Planes of World War II was released on: USA: 1998

Planes were airplanes or aircraft. Suicide planes were called "Kamikazes."

Go to the related link(WW 1 war planes) for a comprehensive list of WW 1 war planes

One was c140 which was the strongest

they went after enemy planes

Bombers, fighters and recon planes were all used.

fighters,bombers,and cargo planes primarily.

Yes, extensively. And WWI was the first war in which air planes were used.

Well in world war 2 planes were mainly bomb planes as the German's wanted to kill us as we wouldn't let them rule our country . Anyway this is when we began to start seeing these planes . The planes would drop bombs just by a push of a button . That's basically what bomb planes were .

Yes lady's did fly planes in WW1, But they had less to do.

In World War 1 they had air planes that can't be detected, but in World War 2 the British had made a radar to detect German air planes flying.

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