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Who were the leaders of the Cold war?

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Stalin, Khruschev, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford. and ohhhhh goteeeeee

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Who are the US leaders during the cold war?

The President of the U.S. during The Cold War was Truman.

Who were the leaders of the countries in the cold war?

The cold war lasted for about 35 years, so the leaders of the countries changed. The leaders when the cold war began were Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union) and Harry S. Truman (U.S.A.). When the cold war ended, the leader of Russia was Mikhail Gorbachev, and the leader of the United States was Ronald Reagan.

What does Juan Peron have to do with the cold war?

|He had the biggest dick of all the other leaders in the cold war thats why

Who were the American leaders of the cold war?

jozef morris

Who were the leaders of china in the cold war?

Mao Zedong

What did the Soviet leaders do during the Cold War?


Who were the American leaders during the cold war?

Jonathan Seth Rosenberg was the cold war leader for the American side.

Russia's leaders during the cold war?

Joseph Stalin

What were the Russian leaders called during the cold war?


Who were the US leaders during the cold war?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in charge of America during the Cold War.

What role did the Soviet Union US play in the Cold War?

The US and the USSR were the leaders of their respective sides during the cold war.

Who were the leaders of Great Britain during Cold War?

Winston churchil

Soviet union leaders during the cold war?

Joseph Stalin

Who were the leaders of the US during the cold war?

They are Ronald Regan and Eisenhower

Who were the two leaders of usa and USSR involved in the cold war?

Hitler and Stalin

What were the 3 U.S. leaders during the cold war?

Harry Truman

Who where the leaders in the cold war?

solviet union: joseph stalin us: truman

What effect did the Vietnam war have on the cold war?

Vietnam gave the "cold war" leaders the opportunity to perfect their "cold war" actually using them in combat; e.g. the B52 & the MiG21 for example. SAMs and their accompanying radars as another example.

Who where the Soviet Union leaders during the Cold War?

the leaders were 1) Joseph Stalin 2) nikita kruchev 3) leonid brezhnev 4) gorbachev PS. a good source of info is the cnn cold war files just type in an of these names with cold war on Google, and cnn should be on the first page.

Who was the African leader during the cold war?

There were many different African leaders during the Cold War. Africa is a large and diverse continent with many very different countries, and the Cold War lasted from about 1948 until about 1989. That is about 40 years, plenty of time for notable leaders to rise to prominence and be displaced by others.

How and why did the cold war prompt US leaders to rethink foreign aid policy?

we didn't

Who were the Africa leaders in cold war?

The Cold War was between western nations and the eastern bloc. Africa is a continent so to give a better answer you need to ask about a particular nation.

US leaders during the cold war?

Robert E Lee. and General ulysess s grant

Who were the leaders in Asia during the Cold War?

Ho Chi Minh from Vietnam and Mao Zedong from China.

What is Russian leader's name during cold war?

There was actually 3 leaders, Stalin, Khrushchev, and Gorbachev.

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