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Q: Who were the major god in the Trojan War?
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What kind of weapon Odysseus the god of the Trojan War use?

the Trojan horse

What god interfered in the Trojan war?


Was the Greek god Apollo in any major battles?

Yes, he was in the Trojan war and guided Prince Paris' arrow so it killed Achilles.

What god remained neutral of taking sides in the Trojan war?


Who is the major character of the apple of discord?

The major character was Aphrodite. She started the Trojan war.

Who were the greek god Paris's friends?

Paris was not a god - he was a mortal man in the story of the Trojan War.

Is ulessly a Roman or a Roman god?

Ulysses is neither. He is a Greek man with a Roman name. His Greek name is Odysseus. He fought the Trojan war and was a major factor in winning it.

Who is Eris in The Odyssey?

She is the god of discord that yells at the start of the Trojan war

What was one of Greek major events?

I would say it was the Trojan War.

Was Menelaus a god?

No, Menelaus was not a god. He was the king of Sparta, and the husband of Helen. He fought to win her back in the Trojan war.

What are some major accomplishments of Achilles?

He lead Myrmidons to victory in the Trojan War

Which god didn't fight on the Greek side in the war?

It was Zeus and Apollo, who were on the Trojan side.

What kind of weapon does Odysseus the god of the Trojan War use?

I believe he uses a sword.

Is Aeneas a god or goddess?

Neither, he is a mortal that died in the Trojan War fighting for Troy.

Facts about Achilles the greek god?

Achilles, in Greek mythology, was a major player in the Trojan War. He was supposed to be unable to be harmed except for one of the heels of his feet because he was dipped in the River Styx.

What is greek god hecuba's symbol?

Hecuba is not actually a Greek god. She is the Queen of Troy, and the mother of Paris, who started the Trojan War.

What war was the Trojan Horse part of?

The Trojan War

Was the Trojan war a surprise?

The Trojan War was a surprise.

Who was sirion in the Trojan war?

There was no Sirion in the Trojan War.

What war was the Trojan horse built?

The Trojan War.

Which side win the Trojan war?

The Greek won the Trojan war

What were the major Trojan war events?

Look to the related link below for a list of significant events .

What is the rising action of helen and troy?

she is daughter of Zeus and she played a major part in the trojan war.

Why did the Greek gods help the Greeks in the Trojan war?

This was a war between the gods that had spilled into the world of man. If either god's side won, it would implicitly show that the god was right.

The lliad and the odyssey describe events related to which war?

the Trojan war because the poems talk about the war heros in the Trojan war.