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ur dad and mom

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What are three characteristics of the Lapita people that enabled them to migrate to islands throughout Oceania

What were The Mayan pyramids and temples made from

Justinian you were famous for rewriting the legal code of the

What kind of printing was invented by the Tang Chinese that made it possible for books to be made available to the masses

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Q: Who were the most famous Mayan kings and queens?
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Who are the most famous kings and queens of England?

The most famous kings and queens are, Queen Victoria, King Henry the eighth, Queen Elizabeth the first and second, King Alfred the Great, and Bloody Mary.

Who is the most famous prince from Latvia?

NO princes, princesses, kings or queens, sorry ;D

Is there anything like queens?

yes. there where queens in the old days like in Russia. Some kings and queens were not called the kings and queens but most of them were.

What was the most famous Mayan structure?

The pyramids of stairs was the most famous Mayan structure.

What are two famous English kings or queens?

Queen Elizabeth I, and King Henry VIII are two of England's most famous rulers.

Who is the most famous Mayan king?

K'inich Janaab' Pakal is the most famous Mayan king

Who was the most famous Mayan leader?

The most famous Mayan leader would have to be Pacal. Or K'inich Janaab' Pakal.

Who is the most famous celebraty in the world?

1. Micheal Jackson 2. shakira 2. Elvis presly 3.mordonna the kings and queens

Who was the most important person in the feudal system 1066?

the kings and queens

Famous people of Ancient Egypt?

The most famous people In Egypt are Pharaohs,Kings,Queens, and PresidentsThe first famous person's name is Ramesses II.Well people like king tut, Cleopatra, And Ramses.

What are some things England is famous for?

well, it's famous for many things. But some of the things that it is most famous for are Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the kings and queens and mostly LONDON!!:) peace out....hehehe LMFAO!!

Who was an Egyptian queen?

Egyptian queens were usually the wives of Egyptian kings. Some women ruled on their own. The most famous of them are Hatshepsut, Nefertiti and Cleopatra VII.

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