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The French were the most important allies to the colonies during the revolutionary war.

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What nation did the American colonists and allies fight against in the American Revolutionary War?

The American colonists were seeking independence from Great Britain. In order to have that independence, the American Revolutionary War was fought.

Did french beat the British in war?

The American Revolutionary War is to this day the only full scale war in which the French (as allies to the American Colonists) have beaten the British.

What are the advantages the colonists have during the revolutionary war?

French and Spanish allies

Who fought the American Revolution?

The American Colonists and their French allies (after the Battle of Saratoga) versus the British. The American Colonists and their French Allies won. The cost of supporting the American Colonists would help to cause the French revolution.

Who was the French's ally in the Revolutionary War?

well in the American revolution the American colonists were their allies........the french revolutuion was fought from the inside...(for the most part) (but if that what you need to know please tell me)

Who where the patriots allies during the revolutionary war?

American Revolution

Why were allies important during the revolutionary war?

Allies are important because theytraded and helped fight their enemies.That is basically all. The French were America's best allies.

What pitted the British and American colonists against the French and their Native American allies?

The french and Indian war

Poland and Germany were allies of Britain during American revolution?

Were Poland and Germany allies with the United States during the Revolutionary War?

What is the French and Indian War?

It was the North American part of the Seven Years War; basically, only people from the USA call it the "French and Indian War". It was mostly fought by French colonists and their American Indian allies against British colonists along with their American Indian allies. Britain and her allies eventually won the Seven Years War, forcing France to give up most of her territory in North America. The outcome of the French and Indian War would eventually lead to the American Revolutionary War, which started about 12 years after it ended.

Who was the French fighting in the French and Indian War?

The French and Indian War began because of the American colonists and the French colonists both wanting to move into the area west of the Appalachian Mtns. Since the colonists wanted to farm there and the French wanted to fur trap, they could not coexist in the same area. So pretty much, the French and their Native American allies fought against Britain, the American colonists, and their Native American allies.

Who did the colonists become allies with after the battle of saratoga?

The colonists became allies with the Europeans after the Battle if Saratoga

How did the Spanish prove to be excellent allies in the revolutionary war?

How did the Spanish prove to be excellent allies in the revolutionary war

What did the british do to the Americans after the American revolutionary war?

They left the US alone but later became allies with the US

How did colonists American Indians cooperate?

They traded food and weapons, they were allies during wars, and the american indians showed them how to hunt and fish.

British Allies during the Revolutionary war?

Britain had no allies.

How did European allies affect the revolutionary war?

The europeans made sure the American colonists always had supplies and weapons to fight the british with. the europeans are responsible for our victory because we always had the essentials, while the british ended up running out of supplies

Who was the American war of independence between?

The American War of Independence, also commonly referred to as the American Revolutionary War, was fought between the United States and its allies vs Great Britain and its allies. The war lasted from 1775 to 1783, and resulted in American independence.

Why was France an ally of the American colonists?

France was an important ally of the american colonists. They were friends because the colonists gave the french meat and clothing during the winter time, because their supplies ran low. The french were also on the colonists side because they utterly hated Britian, and wanted them to be demolished. The french, in return, kissed each colonist on the cheek in honor of all that the americans did to help the french in thier times of need. They saluted each american, and were good allies

Who fought in the American Revolution war?

The belligerents during the American Revolutionary War were the 13 American colonies and their French allies versus Great Britain and her German mercenary auxiliaries.

Who were the allies of the colonists in the Revolutionary War?

The French and some other European countries but mainly the French because they were mad at Britain because they lost the French and Indian War

What countries were in the involved in the Revolutionary War?

If your talking about he American revolution it would be England, the colonies of the U.S and France was the americans allies

Who were the American allies during the revolution war?

The American ally during the Revolutionary War was France. France gave both monetary and military aid to the Patriot army. It was after the Battle of Saratoga that the French were really brought in to help the Patriots. France declared war on Britain shortly after the colonists won that battle. Both the Spanish and the Dutch declared war on Britain during the American Revolution. That helped the colonists win their battle for freedom.

What country was not part of the allies?

In the revolutionary war France and Spain were our only allies.

What were your allies during the Revolutionary War?

the patriots or the Americans took fort ticonderoga's cannons and won the revolutionary war so the patriots are our allies