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Calhoun of the South-Webster of the North-Clay of the West

John C. Calhoun spoke for the south. Calhoun had supported the war of 1812(he was a war hawk) Like many southerners, he was a firm defender of slavery. In general he opposed policies that would strengthen the power of the federal government.

Daniel Webster was from the North. Like many new englanders, Webster opposed the war of 1812. He would refuse to vote for taxes to pay for the war effort. After the war, he wanted the federal government to take a larger role in building the nation's economy. Webster thought that slavery was evil.

Henry Clay spoke for the west. You have already met clay as a leader of the war hawks, who pushed war against Britain in 1812. Clay strongly favored a more active role for the central government in promoting the Country's growth.

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Q: Who were three sectionalist leaders what section of the nation were they from and their views on the government and slavery?
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