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1.Theodore Roosevelt age:42 2.John F. Kennedy age:43 3.Bill Clinton age:46y5m 4.Ulysses S. Grant age:46y10m 5. Barack Obama age: 47y 5m I'll add the next 10 incase you need them 6.Grover Cleveland age:47y 10m 7.Franklin Pierce age:48 8.James A. Garfield age:49y 3m 9.James K. Polk age:49y 4m 10.Millard Fillmore age:50 11.John Tyler age:51y 0m 6d 12.Calvin Coolidge age:51 0m 29d 13.Franklin D. Roosevelt age:51y 1m 14.William Howard Taft age:51y 5m 15.Chestur A. Arthur age:51y11m Check out the others at wikipedia under "List of United States presidents by age"

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The youngest US President was Theodore Roosevelt, who was only 42 when he took office after William McKinley's assassination. Then the youngest elected President was John F. Kennedy at age 43.

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Q: Who where the youngest presidents in the us?
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Who was the shortest and youngest presidents?

The shortest was James Madison, and the youngest was Theodore Roosevelt.

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How many us presidents were under the age of forty when they started their term?

None. The youngest President was Theodore Roosevelt who took office when he was 42 years of age.

Was James k Polk the youngest president?

Polk was the youngest president at the time, but several younger presidents have been elected since.

Was Franklin Roosevelt the youngest president?

No- several presidents were younger than FDR ..

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he was the youngest president elected

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There's probably a couple of presidents who became parents while serving as presidents. So zero age.