Who will be on total drama fashion also who will be in total drama the musical?

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Where can you watch total drama drama drama island?

Cartoon Network. On Thursday they have a new episode at 8pm east 7pm central Also at TELETOONS, i think its candian not sure. but it works fine for me. You have to go to TDI then to Epsodes 1-13 or 14-26.. Wrong, go to Cartoonnetwork.com,click on video,go to shows,scrool down,click on TDI and ya ( Full Answer )

Total drama musical characters?

Gwen, Owen, Heather, Duncan, Izzy, Ezekiel, Lindsay, LeShawna, Courtney, Harold, Tyler, Cody, Dj, Bridgette, and Noah are the 3rd season characters, along with two new characters: Sierra and Alejandro.

Who wins total drama the musical?

There are 3 guesses. Gwen because she's a fan favorite and she has a lot of fans supporting her so maybe the producers chose her. Tyler because no one hates him and he doesn't bother anyone also he is considered a normal person. Bridgette (same reason as Tyler). I Took Out Lindsay Bec ( Full Answer )

Who will be in total drama the musical?

the people in total drama the musical will be most of the characters who did not compete in total drama action will be owen,izzy, Duncan,courtney,bridgette,gwen,codyharold,noah,lindsay,d.j.,heather,leshawna Tyler, and Ezekiel. will be required to break into song anytime Chris orders them to.if not ( Full Answer )

Who is in total drama the musical?

Owen, Izzy, Duncan, Courtney, Bridgette, Gwen, Cody, Harold, Noah, Lindsay, DJ, Heather, LeShawna, and Tyler. There will be two new characters Alejandro and Sierra

What is total drama musical about?

total drama the musical is about 15 contestents traveling around the world in an air plane two sing in each continet.two new people are going to be in the show sierra or kathie and alejandro the replacement Justin and kathie the new izzy

Who are the characters on total drama the musical?

Characters in Total Drama World Tour (Total Drama The Musical) Alejandro (new) Blaineley (new) Bridgette Cody Courtney Dj Duncan Ezekiel Gwen Harold Heather Izzy LeShawna Lindsay Noah Owen Sierra (new) Tyler Chris Chef

How is Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action different?

Total Drama Island is filmed with 21 campers for $10,000 ([) on an old summer camp (Camp Wahwahnakwa), and Total Drama Action has about half the amount of campers, for $1,000,000, and is filmed on an old movie set. Total Drama Action will have movie themes, while Total Drama Island just had random ( Full Answer )

Who will be on total drama the musical?

Total Drama the Musical will consist of: Owen Gwen Heather Duncan Izzy Ezekiel Lindsay Leshawna Courtney Harold Tyler Cody Dj Bridgette Noah *Alejandro (New) *Sierra (New) Katie, Sadie, Beth, and Geoff are rumored not to appear Eva, Justin, and Trent are rumored to be interns for Chris Source: http ( Full Answer )

Who wins total drama island the musical?

It's actually called Total Drama The Musical. Nobody knows who wins because they haven't even started yet. For the record, they aren't even done with total drama action. but the people are Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Trent, Tyle ( Full Answer )

When will total drama musical come?

Summer 2010 Dude, its past summer of 2010, and in 2010, total drama WORLD TOUR came out. just for the recorded, heather unfortunately won that season. She faced against Cody and Alejandro. so sad.

When is Total Drama the musical?

Total Drama Musical is coming out on 2010 in summer and also i can tell you what the first three episodes are going to be 1.Super Crazy Happy Fun Time in Japan 2.Anything Yokon do i can do better 3.Broadway Baby

Will they show total drama island the musical in the US?

They probably would, the creators of the Total Drama Series is Teletoon (A TV Channel in Canada) And Total Drama Action is currently going on for America. And they have shared TDI and TDA with us. So they probably will share TDM with us too.

Who is in Total Drama Island the Musical?

i heard that courtney, duncan, lindsay, tyler, eva, katie, sadie, gwen, trent, justin, cody, leshawna,ezekiel, dj are coming into the new one. i saw it on wikipedia.

Who is in total drama musical?

it will be for the boys Noah,Ezekiel,Tyler,Cody,D.J.,Duncan,Owen,Alejandro a new contestent. from the girls Gwen,Lindsay,Heather with hair,Leshawna,Bridgette,Courtney,Izzy,Kathie,Katie,and Sadie. Trent and Justin are going to be on Total Drama The Musical buut are just interns of the show.

Is there a total drama fashion in the making?

Not that I know of I know they are making a season 4 of Total Drama Island which features new campers and Christian Potenza(voice actor for Chris McLean) said that there would be a season 5 but hasn't given any details about it

What is total drama the musical about?

It is about 13 old campers from TDA and TDI plus 2 new campers coming together and traveling the world. The musical part is that they spontaneously break into song.

What is the 'Total Drama the Island' musical?

It will be the 3rd season of my favorite show. It will include: 1) Courtney 2) Gwen 3) Heather 4) Sarah 5) Alejandro 6) Cody 7) D.J 8) Lewshaunah 9) Lindsay 10)

Who will win Total Drama Musical?

Heather. basically, on you tube theirs a bunch of episodes from Australia that people posted. so if u want to see for your self here a link to the last episode part 1 See link

Why did Duncan dragged Courtney and Gwen in Total Drama the Musical?

because he got mad at them for trying to kiss him especially Gwen cause he liked both of them in different ways Courtney she's a brat .Gwen nice to him a lot in common. Gwen kissed him first which made him crossed then Courtney which also made him mad as well. how do you know um...NOT what happe ( Full Answer )

What characters are on total drama the musical?

Owen, Izzy, Duncan, Dj, Gwen, LeShawna, Cody, Noah, Ezekiel, Courtney, Bridgette, Harold, Heather, Lindsay, and Tyler. Plus two two more characters: Alejandro and Sierra. This time Heather's hair is back in a ponytail.

When does total drama musical come out?

in June 15 2010. omg! someone else said that it came in the summer of 2010. But for pete sake people, 2010 is almost done. in the summer of 2010, total drama WORL TOUR came oyt and i think heather won. Now tdm might be next( or total drama reloaded, someone told me that) will be next. bbut rememb ( Full Answer )

Does Cody win Total Drama the Musical?

Alright, first of all, the season hasn't started. Second, its now called Total Drama World Tour (TDWT) Third of all, I'd expect answers within the first 15 MONTHS after the show airs in Canada!

Who do you think will win total drama the musical?

I know for a fact that Heather wins, I also know that the million will fall into a volcano along with Zeke, after Heather kisses Alejandro, knees him in the groin, and sends him sliding down a volcano on an ice cube. But don't worry about Zeke because he ends up in the ocean after crashing into Cris ( Full Answer )

What comes after total drama reloaded?

A 5th season has been rumored where the old 24 contestants and the 12 new ones will compete in what people are calling a "Super Season." There is believed to be 40 something episodes in this season and not just 1 but the top 3 competitors will get a reward. No name has been confirmed yet however. (I ( Full Answer )

How many series there are of total drama?

there are 3 1.total drama island 2.total drama action 3.total drama world tour Another season is being made called Total Drama Reloaded.

What channel is total drama the musical on?

Theres no such thing as total drama the musical. If your talking about total drama world tour (which im 99.9999999999% sure is what your talking about) it come on teletoon at 9:30 on thursdays and sundays. I think it also comes on cartoon network but i have no idea what time. Well I hope I helped ;D ( Full Answer )

What is the fourth season of Total Drama?

The Total Drama TV serires is currently nearing the end of their third season, with Heather, Alejandro, and Cody finishing. Season 1)Total Drama Island Season 2)Total Drama Action Season 3)Total Drama World Tour