Who will win in a fight giraffe or a lion?

The giraffe, actually, because a giraffe can kick 10x harder than a horse, so if a giraffe kicked a lion in the right spot, he could knock it out or even kill it. Plus, what kind of lion would go attack a giraffe? There so big, they could easily just step on you and then away from this world you go.
You are somewhat right. Yes giraffes have are very capable of killing a lion, the legs are powerful and end a 12" pointed hoof that can actually decapitate a lion. But lions do in fact hunt giraffes on occasion, and in one area regularly. But they hunt in very large groups that help ensure a successful and safe hunt. So lions are capable of winning as well. Just depends on age, health, hunger, and who wants to survive more on who the winner might be.