Who will win the war US or Russia?

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The United States alone has a much more powerful military then the Russians, not to mention in said war, NATO would fight along side them. That means that two of the other most powerful countries, The United Kingdom ans France, would aid america. The combined power of the American Navy Seals and the SAS, considered the two special forces in the world, would be able to eliminate key operatives, while a NATO coalition, led by the US, Uk, France, and probably Germany, would fight directly.
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How did the Korean War affect the US and Russia?

The Korean War was fought between the Russians (Soviets) and the US; using North & South Koreans, and free world troops, and using the peninsula of Korea (the country of Korea) as a battleground.. The Soviet Union and United States TESTED there equipment against each other. Korea was a testing grou ( Full Answer )

In a war between USA and Russia who would win no nukes?

If you mean only the USA and Russia (not including us allies) theUSA because it has a technological upper hand by far plus Russiahasn't got a great navy either. USA is #1 === What kind of war doesn't have nukes. Russia would win with nukes. === If nukes are ever used between the 2 - NOBODY wins. The ( Full Answer )

Did russia win world war 2?

Yes it did Russia beated the Germans and America beated Japan. America was afraid that all the Europe and the glory will have Soviet Union and it rushed to Germany

What were the goals of the US and russia in the cold war?

Both Russia and America wanted to try and develop a new "World Government" that allowed different interests such as America's government, with religion and freedom, but restricted many military ideas such as nuclear warfare and other such world laws.

Who would win in a war Australia or Russia?

Australia, because Australia has allies like the United States of America. The USA would not allow Australia to fall to Russia (rivalry). The USA would have on their side Japan, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Canada and the United Nations would properly stand behind the USA. Australia would not ( Full Answer )

How did Russia win world war 2?

the Soviet Union contributed the most in destroying the third Reich. The Eastern Front was the biggest front and the majority of the Nazi Force were sittuated there. In fact they played such a big role, that many experts agree that if there wasnt a Western Front, it would still hae only been a matte ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a war between the US and Russia?

To the moron who wrote "USA has most advanced army and a jet that can go 12,000 miles and hour" your just a typical hypocrite and are a waste to forums like this so shut your facist trap. First of all America and Russia both have advanced weapons and fighter jets. Russia holds the worlds most nuk ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a war US or Russia?

The United States, then and now. The US should win but since the military of defense eliminated half of our super large bombs to show other countries that we arent a threat "dont start a war", but we should WIN and we WILL if there ever is one... Edit: this is Wrong,Wrong ,Wrong,Wrong we won WW ( Full Answer )

Did the US win the war of 1812?

it lost it. usa had invaded canada. where it was defeated bigtime. it had no army at all.that is why talking to the bristish. was a better option to pres.madason

Who would win in a war russia or America?

It would be 50/50 depending on if allies are allowed or not. If no allies then America would probably just win due to superior technology. If Russia performed a surprise attack they would win due to having a quite good military and would leave America little time to react by which time they woul ( Full Answer )

If Russia and the US had a war who would win?

It would be 50/50 depending on where it was. Assuming the war did not go nuclear, the United States has the most technically advanced military giving them a big advantage in conventional war, however, it really depends on who attacks who first. Regardless of which, the war would be enormous. It w ( Full Answer )

Could Russia beat the US in a war?

In terms of military strength, the United States has a history of superior equipment though Russia has a history of larger numbers. At the end of World War II, the United States would have had a good chance as the country was still mobilized from the war and Soviet Russia had been weakened by the Ge ( Full Answer )

How many gold medals did US and Russia win?

In the 2012 London Summer olympics, Russia won a total of 82 medals. Russia has won 498 medals in the history of the olympic games. In the London olympics, the United States won a total of 104 medals. The States has won 2652 medals in the history of the olympic games.

Who would win in a war between Russia and China?

It would be a close fight. China has more men to fight with. China also has more reserves. China has unquestionably better navies and air forces when compared to Russia, and around 9 times the amounts of tanks. China has the largest army in human history, more than the entire population of the Unite ( Full Answer )

War between usa and Russia who would win no nukes?

probably the United States as currently the Russian economy is worse off than ours and probably can't field a decent military, not to mention the United stateshas a more expirenced corps of soldiers that are also better equiped. If you are talking about the soviet union which was desolved in the ear ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a war Russia or US?

USA. They got more nukes and we got the first death star prototype in california. http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/090408-tw-laser-fusion.html

Who would win if America and Russia had a war?

Well, I think the Russian Federation would win, because it has the 3rd largest armed forces in the world, the most nukes, and it has China, Iraq, Pakistan, India, and MOST Alaskans on it's side. China has the largest armed forces in the world, India has the 5th largest, and Pakistan and Iraq combine ( Full Answer )

Who would win in war US or Russia?

USA will win because of advanced technology and mor nuclear weapons along with better money and more experience

Who would win in war Russia or England?

They both have nukes, so we would all be dead. But excluding nukes, russia have a lot more men than Britain so id say Russia

Who would win russia or US?

well ithink usa but if usa win i wont ever be th coutry it was everybody will be poor

Who would win in a war the UK or Russia?

If it's just the two countries head to head it would be Russia because their military is a larger. but if allies came into play then probably uk as U.S.A is good friends with uk

Was Russia allies with the US in Vietnam war?

Russia, then called the Soviet Union, supplied America's enemy with weapons. The Soviet Union (Russia) was a cold war enemy. Russia (Soviet Union) and America never officially fought each other. Russia (Soviet Union) and America were allies only during WWII.

What war did the US win?

All wars with all nations, excepting Vietnam. Correction: On a technical scale, the U.S. has never lost a war. The Korean and Vietnam wars were called to cease fires, except for the fact that we made the last push in Korea so the U.S. had a lasting impression, whereas North Vietnam struck again rig ( Full Answer )

Did russia win or lose World War 2?

The russia was the first one to invade German capital and u.s. and other alliences helped. Germany reached as far as Stalingrad but was shut down by freezing temperatures and was forced to retreat, by the time they decided to do that the was was already lost and Berlin was captured. Some people s ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a war if Russia and the US teamed up on China?

China's nuclear arsenal was based on a policy of minimum deterrence - that is, only enough were built to deter someone from casting the first stone in a nuclear showdown. However, they'd still be capable of wreaking enough havoc on both countries that there really would be no winner in the end. The ( Full Answer )

Could the US beat Russia in war?

If nuclear weapons were used, no. Both would lose, along with every other country in the world. If nuclear weapons were not used, it would depend on who was attacking who. Any invasion of Russia would have to be a perfectly executed strike, crushing all major and organised resistance within months, ( Full Answer )

Who was the president of Russia when they declared war on the US?

I suppose you are referring to The Cold War. That was not a war in which nations did formal declarations of war but rather it was understood and they played a 5 decades long game of arm race, spying and making threats (such as the Cuban Missile Crisis.) Anyway Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Uni ( Full Answer )

Cold war Russia and US?

Yes, there was a 'Cold War' between the Soviet Union (Russia) and the USA from 1946 to 1990. It was called a cold war because the relations between the Russians and the USA were very cold, and it was almost an undeclared war.

Who would win war china or russia.?

Land combat: China has a larger population (1/5 of the whole world) to fight with and much better trained soldiers (search up chinese marines vs us marines) Airborne combat: Russia would definitely lose the war in the air. The have almost 5x as many planes as the Chinese air force. but they are ( Full Answer )

When was the war between Russia and the US?

The war between USA and USSR( Now Russia) happened a few years later after World War II. They're the 2 strongest nations in the world. It was caused by disagreements with the 2 countries. The USA believes in freedom & big business. The USSR is communist. It was called the Cold war. After the Cold wa ( Full Answer )

In a war between Russia and the Vatican City who would win?

it would obviously be Russia,why? because they are one of the worlds most strongest countries in war, they have WAY developed weapons and technology and their land is really big! so they can get more resources, while vatican city only has a population of 800 people and they are the smallest country ( Full Answer )

How did Russia win World War 1?

They were on the side of the Allies. And they had an alliance with Serbia, so they had no choice but to join.

Who would win us and India and russia and china?

It is likely that US might win the war. Russia could defeat both India and China together, but they would get a lot of their soldiers lost in the battle. US has much better weapons and better, trained soldiers than Russia, making it more powerful.

Who would win a Nuclear Battle the US or Russia?

No one side would any nuclear battle. Since nuclear fallout is carried on the wind and within water, the entire world would lose. _____________________________________________________________ Answer It's unlikely but if it did happen it would be very Here are the points why that Russia wo ( Full Answer )

Did US fight russia in Korean war?

Kinda. Like the other conflicts of the Cold War, it was "proxy war" between a Soviet-backed communist country and an American-backed capitalist country. Unlike the Americans, the Soviets didn't send troops to Korea, but they did provide North Korea with tanks and military equipment. Also, some Sovie ( Full Answer )

Will there be a nuclear war between russia and the US?

Although a Nuclear war between the US and Russia is always possible it will most likely never happen. The US and Russia are the only two nations that have a Launch on warning system which is an alert to send interceptor missiles to destroy the incoming attack.

Can the US win a War with China and Russia simultaneously?

The US would never fight a conventional war with China or Russia,but might support a country that did (as with Afghanistan from 1979to 1989). Russia has a much larger conventional army, and China aneven larger one. Any armed conflict would likely lead to a nuclearexchange, either limited or total. R ( Full Answer )