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Who wins naruto or Sasuke?


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April 28, 2012 2:56AM

Actually Sasuke wins according to episodes 134-135, when naruto falls unconscios

first, indicating Sasuke has won. This is, of course, in Part 1, but in Shippuden, Sasuke will still probably win. Naruto has an afvantage of being the Fourth Hokage's son, which balances out the fact that Sasuke's a Uchiha. The Chidori 1,000 Birds is abit stronger than Rasengan, since Rasengan requires a shadow clone or doppelgangger to fuse it. Therefore, Rasengan uses more chakra, and although chidori can only be used twice for Sasuke per day, it is much more powerful. Considering the fact that Chidori knocks the opponet unconscious while Rasengan can be easily blocked, Chidori would win. Imagine if Chidori would be striked twice at the same person one right after another. Naruto would easily die. Getting to the fact about the curse seal, it is a disadvantage in Sasuke's terms. It is also an advantage, but he puts it to good use. Naruto has the Kyuubi, an advantage. He can call upon it for more chackra, so it doesn't matter to him the extra chakra needed for Rasengan. This is clearly unfair. If the curse seal was not on Sasuke and Naruto did not have the Kyuubi, Sasuke would win. Also, because Sasuke is a Uchiha, does not mean he has the same power. Another thing is Sasuke's sharingan, which evens out his disadvantage with the curse seal. Also, Sasuke having the power of isolation on his side, and Naruto the persistence, Naruto adn Sasuke would almost be even, but in the end Sasuke would eventually win, no matter what the terms.