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Trent wins but Owen makes it to the final two.

wrong in the opening scene it shows Trent waving bye to Gwen so anybody else could win i think Justin

Beth wins I saw a spoiler

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 21:47:32
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Q: Who wins total drama island season two?
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Who wins total drama island season 1who is the winner of the season 1 of total drama island?


Who wins the 5th season of total drama island?

Cody does

Does heather win total drama island?

heather wins total drama island in France Gwen wins in England Owen wins in the us and Canada

Who wins total drama island season one?

---- OWENOWEN (THE HAPPY FAT GUY) BY. Answerwolfman

On total drama island who is voted off next?

Gwen wich means Owen wins season 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who wins totall drama island season one?


Who wins total drama pahkitew island?

shawn or sky

Is there another season after total drama action?

Yes, it is called "Total Drama World Tour" and Heather wins.

Who wins total drama collision?

Owen is the winner of final season.

Is their a season after total drama heroes vs villains?

allright, before I answer, i want to say that i wanted to answer "is there a total drama season 5". i wouldnt improve because i dont want to give away my personal information. so no. the only seasons are total drama island, total drama action, total drama world tour, total drama: revenge of the island, and total drama: heroes vs. villains. plus total drama: revenge of the island will be released on region 1 so they have the version where lightning wins. total drama island was released on region 1 and 4. total drama action was released on region 4. (today is 1.26.13) toal drama world tour collection 1 will be released on 4.3.13. collection 2 is later this year. total drama: revenge of the island will be on region 1 and 4 in 2014. tdi and tdri are the only seasons on region 1. so there wont be a version where duncan wins on tda. and there wont be a version where alejandro wins on tdwt. and there wont be a version where gwen wins on tdi. sorry i changed the subject. tdhv will only have region 4. i have no idea if tdri region 4 will be separated in 2 collections.

Who wins total drama revenge of the island?

Cameron( Canada) Lightning( USA)

Who wins Total Drama Island on Cartoonetwork?

Owen vs Gwen in the final two, Owen wins overall.

Who wins total drama?

There are many winners of Total Drama. Total Drama Island: Owen wins in America and Canada, while Gwen wins in the UK and many other countries. Total Drama Action: Duncan wins in America and Canada, while Beth wins in the UK and many other countries. Total Drama World Tour: Heather wins in America, Alejandro wins in Canada, Heather also won in many other countries yet the UK winner is currently unknown, as Total Drama World Tour hasn't aired in the UK yet. Total Drama Revenge Of The Island: Total Drama Revenge Of The Island hasn't aired anywhere yet, but will come to Teletoon in Autumn 2011. There have been rumours that Mike will win, and Dawn might win too. The official cast members of this season are: Zoey, Jo, B, Dakota, Staci, Mike, Dawn, Brick, Lightening, Anne Maria, Sam, Cameron and Scott. It is rumoured that Scott will be the main antagonist and the new Alejandro, and Dakota will be the new Heather.

Who was the last one to be eliminated in total drama island?

Gwen. Owen wins. Unfortunatalty.

Who has been second in Total drama island?

Gwen is in second place.Owen wins tdi!!!!

Who gets voted off next on total drama island?

== == == == == == hey! how do u no? Gwen wins usa.Owen gets voted off in usa.But,Owen wins Canada.why dontcha try, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,list of total drama island episodes

Who win total drama revenge of the island?

Cameron wins in Canada, Denmark, France, and Italy, and Lightning wins in the Alternate ending.

Who wins season three of Total Drama Action?

Gwen does then she pees her pants and cries and runs away

Who will win total drama action?

Duncan wins total drama action. But Beth wins the alternate ending.

Who is going to win in Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island?

No one wins it because Owen gave up his fifty thousand dollars for one million dollars and no one got it.

On total drama action who wins?

duncan wins, but there is an alternate ending when Beth wins

Who wins of total drama action?


What does duncan do on total drama action?

wins :)

Who wins season5 of total drama?


How does total drama action end?

The Way Total Drama Action Ends Is Owen Wins By Default. He wins a million dollars and throws ANOTHER ending party. Beth wins