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bullet for my valentine

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Q: Who won 2010's best heavy metal band?
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What is best the best Christian heavy metal band?

Skillet is da best band

What is the best heavy metal song ever?

The best heavy metal song has to be Prosthetics by Slipknot... Well, technically, they're a Nu Metal band and not a heavy metal band, so I would have to say Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer.

What is Faith No More's genre of music?

They are a heavy metal experimental rock band. Basically a band with a really heavy sound, but they mix various genres. From death metal to soul. But, alternative experimental metal suits them best.

What is the best known mockumentary of a heavy metal band?

That would definitely have to be Spinal Tap.

Who is the best heavy metal band ever?

By the meaning of best im going with talented, and i would have to say that dream theater is the best heavy metal band in the technical aspect. nah slayer hits you harder then them but they're both good I'd have to add: Dragonforce!

Who is the greatest heavy metal band?

OK.The greatest band is Metallica.they are the best band because Metallica won the most metal awards and also because they simply are. Hope this helps you.

Do you prefer Jeward Or Slipknot?

Slipknot easy, they are the best heavy metal band ever! PHSYYCOSOCIAL

Is metallica the best?

Yell yah they are the best heavy metal band ever!! No band is better than metallica they are better than the best they are f**king awesome

What is Tony Iommi best known for?

Tony Iommi is the guitarist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. He is the founder member of the group and he is the most influencal heavy metal guitarist.

What is the best heavy metal band with understandable lyrics not growling?

DRAGONFORCE Understandable lyrics? The Beach Boys.

Best Heavy metal Band?

Guns n' Roses are not heavy metal. I would say Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden isn't a Heavy Metal band either. Definitely Led Zeppelin. Iron Maiden not metal? What planet are you on? You're all wrong, it's Motorhead! They're the only Metal band cool enough to play Louie Louie. You think those pompous stiffs Metallica would ever do that?

What is Michael Schenker best known for in UFO?

Micheal Schenker was a German Rock Guitarist. He was best know for his tenure in in the heavy metal band 'UFO'. He was the lead guitar player of this band.

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