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Who won on deadliest warrior between the green berets and the spentzas?


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December 15, 2009 3:40PM

Spetsnaz they supposedly had more skills than the Green Berets it pissed me off because one spetsnaz soilder killed three green berets. I dont trust that stupid computer they used but they did say it was a close fight.

Ya i totally understand the spetsnaz guy said they use the ballistics knife they don't they use a throwing shovel I recently watched a show about them and that same guy said they use a throwing shovel and if you watch the episode the green beret disarms the knife from the guy but some how he manages to go to a different room and get another one they only carry one knife so that was messed up plus there was no killing with the snipers and the guys in the video sucked the green berets check there corners unlike the spetsnez that just roll around a corner I say they redo it I think it was screwed with so they would win if you put a spetsnez team and a green beret team and told them to kill each other the green berets would win just because a computer can randomize amount of kills and damage doesn't mean the spetsnez are better