Who won scorpion island 2008?

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In series 2 Team Claw Won!
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What is the website for the application form for Scorpion Island?

The website for the application form for scorpion island 1.go to google 2.type in scorpion island application form 3.click on the one that says scorpion island application form in capital letters 4.enjoy scorpion island! Or you can go to the cbbc website and click on be on a show then click escape ( Full Answer )

How do you sign up for scorpion island?

You have to wait for the announcement of another series and then send in an application form to the broadcaster. It is a very careful selection process and a lot of people apply but you can't be selected if you don't enter! No new series have been announced yet - you will have to wait until 2009 to ( Full Answer )

Where is scorpion island?

Well series 2 was recorded in Brazil but series 3 an 4 are f ilmed in Queensland Australia. There is no actual 'Scorpion Island' just a remote forest

How do you get past the scorpion on nabooti island?

You walk across the top stones by arranging them. On the wall diagram that looks like this (-|--). it shows how the walkway stones are lined up in the scorpion chamber. By making all the lines horizontal (----), the walkway goes completely over the top of the scorpion. When you first see the lin ( Full Answer )

What happened to team sting on scorpion Island?

In what series? In all of the series 1 2 and 3 nothing has happend to them but they never one the final escape but alothough they are supposed to be 'the islands prisoners' if they dont win they still go home.

What do you do after you get by the scorpion on Nabooti island?

There are three more challenges: the scrambled stones, the falling blocks, and the sand room. . Scrambled Stones - When you reach the set of four blocks, push them off either side to recreate the design on the wall below. This will open the wall. You can push them on top of each other to do this. ( Full Answer )

Is scorpion island real?

The Show 'Escape from Scorpion Island' is filmed on an Island in Western Australia called Scorpion Island. If you don't believe me, look it up!

Who won Escape from Scorpion island 2009?

team claw the 2009 one was the same one as 2008 so it was the same series and team claw one like how the top one's answered. 20007 and 2008 were both won by claw. the 2008 series was on tv in 2009

Who do the adventures arrive on scorpion island?

It changes each series. In series two they jumped out of planes with parachutes, and in series three they came in Helicopters, mini submarines and seaplanes. You can watch the first episodes of series two and three on www.abc.net.au/abc3/watchnow/ and see for yourself!

How can you audition for scorpion island?

On google you type in: scorpion island application form and its the one in capital letters. If they like your application then they ring you for a phone audition and then if you get past that stage you go onto a weekend stay involving menatl and physical challenges including camping out for the nigh ( Full Answer )

How do you complete the scorpion puzzle on Nabooti Island?

You will reach a series of dashes on the wall that look like this ( -|-- ). They represent the path stones in the next chamber. When they are all horizontal (----), you will walk OVER the Scorpion trap. If you click on a line, the other three rotate by 90°. So press the first, third, and fourt ( Full Answer )

Is there a scorpion island 2011?

Im not sure if they are filming a series 5 but series 4 which is currently being filmed will air in late 2010

Can you sign up for scorpion island?

If you are from Australia or the UK and between the age of 11 and 13, then yes. But it has to be at the right time of year and you have to audition, so even if you sign up you might not get in.

Who are the kids on escape from scorpion island?

The 16 kids on the show 'Escape from Scorpion Island' are aged between 11-13 years old and are from either the UK or Australia. The kids from series two are: Sammy, Jake, Tara, Livvy, Alex T, Olivia, Cameron, Jack, Alex Y, Ayla, Amie, Lizzy, Oliver, Cai, Lachlan and Anna. The kids from series three ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian be on Scorpion Island?

Yes you can but it takes a lot of work I'm still trying real hard I'm Canadian too and i also really really want to be on the show, Hope this helped .Bye

What is the program scorpion island?

'Escape from Scorpion Island' Is a TV show for kids a bit like Survivor. The kids are in either three or two teams, (depending on the series), and do a variety of challenges to try and escape from Scorpion Island. The team that escapes first, wins.

How do you get on Escape Fron Scorpion Island?

You apply by typing in on google: escape from scorpion island application form and if they like you then you get phoned for an telephone audition then if they still like you then you go to a weekend stay with them including mentala and physical challenges including camping out alone for the night su ( Full Answer )

What do you win from escape from scorpion island?

you don't win anything like prizes its just the fact that you got on the show and had that experienced you do go back to civilization and go to a beach and you go to a helicopter

Did Ayla from Escape from scorpion island die?

Yes, she was killed in a homicidal attack on a Queensland bus circuit. She was supposedly stabbed eight times and left for dead. Her death is the reason behind the creation of the Light Rail in order to shift focus from her death, which was highly covered up by newspapers under the authority of the ( Full Answer )

How do you get to the scorpion pit on Mythology Island?

In the Labyrinth, continue along the top until the first chains, then go more or less straight down, and back up to the right. After you beat the bones (spell letters TEN), continue down, up left twice, then back down to the right, left, right, and left again and you are in the pit. (It is often mi ( Full Answer )

How do you beat the scorpion on nabooti island?

You walk across the top level of stones by making them all "flat." On the wall diagram that looks like this (-|--). it shows how the walkway stones are lined up in the scorpion: three of them are flat (-) but the other one is up on end. To get all four stones flat (----), press each of the lin ( Full Answer )

Is there a series 5 escape from scorpion island?

yes there will be and will be hosted by myleene Klass and Jhonny pitt but this time there will be 4 teams: . Team Claw (Black helmets) . Team Sting (Orange helmets) . Team Venom (Green helmets) . Team Fang (Pale Blue helmets)

What do the book The House of the Scorpion and the movie The Island have in common?

I'm yet to see ' The Island' due to my large distaste of movies I deem to be loosely based off of other ideas. But after reading the synopsis and watching the trailer I think I got the general idea of the plot. I'm not entirely certain of this, but I think 'The Island', or at least parts of it, are ( Full Answer )

When can you apply for escape from scorpion island?

go on to bbc.co.uk/cbbc and click on be on a show and there will be a list of the shows you can apply for. if it is currently not looking for participants then try again in a few weeks

Is there series 5 of escape from scorpion island?

Yes there is - according to Wikipedia ! Their page on the series says that Series 5 "...was filmed simultaneously with series four..." - However, the BBC have not confirmed when they will show the fifth series yet. See related link for the full Wikipedia entry.

How do you kill the scorpion in Mythology Island poptropica?

You don't. What I tried was jumped about an inch and a half away from it and immediately (while it started to run) made a big leap over it and ran away from it while it chased me. Don't worry, this way you probably won't get stung.

Will there be escape from scorpion island in 2012?

It has not been confirmed that Escape From Scorpion Island will end, but it hasn't been confirmed that the show will continue. The show has certainly peaked and they are getting less viewers, so it doesn't seem as likely to continue.

How do you stop the scorpion from stinging you on Nabooti Island?

Line up the lines on the wall display (----) so that you can walk over the pit. When you walk into the Sphinx, keep walking until you reach the engravings on the wall that look like this, -l--. Click on that. Once it is blown up large on your screen click the first line, then the third line, then ( Full Answer )