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Q: Who won the Australian Open women's singles Tennis title-2010?
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Australian Open Tennis 2009 Womens Singles Winner?

Serena Williams

Who won the womens Wimbledon tennis title in 2006?

Amelie Mauresmo Won The 2006 Womens Singles Title At Wimbledon.

Who won the womens singles title at the Australian Open in 2009?

Serena Williams

Who won the gold medal in the Womens singles in the tennis 2008 Olympics?

It was Elena Dementieva

Who won the womens Australian Open in 2009?

Singles- Serena Williams. Doubles- Venus and Serena Williams.

Who won the womens tennis gold medal in 1900?

The women's singles tennis event was won by Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain. She was the first woman to win an Olympic event in history.

Who was the first American woman to win the Wimbledon ladies singles tennis championship?

May Sutton became the 1st American woman to win the womens singles championship at Wimbledon in 1905.

Who won the 35th table tennis world championship?

The 35th World TT Championships were in 1979 and held in Pyongyang, Korea. The winners were: Mens singles - Seiji Ono Womens Singles - Xinai Ge

Which player won the Dubai Tennis championships in February 2009?

The mens singles winner was Novak Djocovik and the mens doubles winners were Rick de Voest and Dmitry Tursunov. The womens singles winner was Venus Williams and the womens doubles winners were Cara Black and Liezel Huber.

What is tier 4?

Its a womens tennis assosiation lol

Is tennis better than Womens basketball?


What organizations represents men's professional tennis and womens professional tennis?

Men's tennis organisation: ATP Women's tennis organisation: WTA

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