Siege of Petersburg

Who won the Battle at Petersburg?

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Who won the Battle of Petersburg?

In The Battle of Petersburg the UNION/NORTH won.

Who won at the battle of petersburg?

The Siege of Petersburg was a decisive Yankee victory and sent General Lee into hiding. This battle lasted 10 months.

Battle of petersburg?

The battle of Peters burg was one of the last battles of the Civil War. Neither the North or the South won.

Who was the victor at the battle of petersburg?

ANSWER The Union army of the Potomac was the victor at the battle of Petersburg.

When did First Battle of Petersburg happen?

First Battle of Petersburg happened on 1864-06-09.

When did Third Battle of Petersburg happen?

Third Battle of Petersburg happened on 1865-04-02.

When did Second Battle of Petersburg happen?

Second Battle of Petersburg happened on 1864-06-15.

Where did the battle of petersburg take place?

The Siege of Petersburg was in Virginia

What was the battle of petersburg?

The Battle, or better said the Siege of Petersburg was mainly a trench warfare and a war of attrition.

What year was the battle of petersburg?

The Battle of Petersburg started on June 15,1865 and lasted through Apr. 2,1865

Where there other names for the battle of petersburg?

Answer Siege of Petersburg Siege of Richmond

Who won the war in petersburg in the Civil War?

Although there are several parts to the Battle of Peterburgh as a whole it is condsidered a Union Victory. The fall of Petersburg significantly helped in the taking of Richmond, the Confederate capital.

Who won at petersburg?

the confederates

What Civil War battles were won by Grant?

Battle of Fort DonelsonBattle of ShilohSiege of VicksburgThird Battle of ChattanoogaOverland CampaignSiege of PetersburgAppomattox CampaignThe Overland Campaign was a series of battles, The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, and Cold Harbor, leading to the siege of Petersburg.Lee won most of these battles, inflicting horrible losses on Grant.

Who was the confederate general of the battle of petersburg?

General Robert E. Lee was in overall command of the Confederate forces at the battle of Petersburg.

Is the battle of petersburg also called the seven days battle?

No, its not called the Seven Days Battle because the Battl of Petersburg started earlier than The Seven Days Battle.

What was the site of the battle of the crater?


Where was the battle of peterburg?

Petersburg, Virginia

Who won the petersburg siege?


Where did the fall of Petersburg take place?

washington d.c ---------------- In the US Civil War, the Third Battle of Petersburg, also called the Fall of Petersburg, happened near Petersburg, VA, in Dinwiddie County. The battle happened on April 2, 1865.

What battle was the last Confederate offensive?

Battle of Petersburg... SOS Much?

Who was the general for the union at the battle of petersburg?

Ulysses S. Grant was in command of Union forces at Petersburg.

What weapons were used in the battle of petersburg?


Did the battle of siege petersburg use ships?


What state was the battle of petersburg in?

Northwestern Virginia

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