Who won the vincennes battle?

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the american peeps

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Q: Who won the vincennes battle?
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Who won the battle of kaskaskia and vincennes?

America won the Battle of Vincennes (Siege of Fort Vincennes). In addition, America won the Battle of Kaskaskia during the American Revolution.

Who won the battle of vincennes 1778?

The colonists

Who won the Battle of Vincennes?

The Americans won because the British's commander surrendered Vinennes. It happened in February of 1779.

When did the battle of Vincennes start?

The Battle of Vincennes, or the Siege of Fort Vincennes started on February 23, 1779. The battle ended on February 25, 1779.

Who won the battle at vincennes by making his army look bigger?

Lieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark.

Where in America was the battle of vincennes?

The Battle of Vincennes was in the Illinois Territory, in the modern state of Indiana. Vincennes is in southwest Indiana on the Wabash River, just across from the state of Illinois.

When did the battle of vinscennes start and end?

The Battle of Vincennes started on 23rd February 1779. The Battle of Vincennes ended on 25th February 1779.

Where did the Battle of Vincennes take place?

The battle of Vincennes toke place in Illinois on Febuary 23, 1779 when George Clark traveled through the Ohio river to get to Vincennes to attack Henry Hamilton, Clark won by have Hamilton surrender by Clark catching them by surprise. George Clark was American and Henry Hamilton was British.

Battle of Vincennes?

The battle of Vincennes was on February 23, 1779. Allot of people say that it was in Indiana, but there was no Indiana in the 18th Century.

What caused the battle of vincennes?


What colony was the battle of vincennes in?

it was in Indiana

What happend at the battle of vincennes?

At the Battle of Vincennes, the British took over the French fort. Lt. Colonel Clark took control back of Vincennes with a force of only 172 men.

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