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Was it John Wockenfuss from the 1981 roster?? thanks Connie Your answer made me look some stuff up... Here's what i found. Wockenfuss played catcher from '74-'83, just missing the '84 team. Magnum PI aired from '80 to '88. In '80 wockenfuss led the team with 16hr's and 65 rbi's. So, chances are, you are correct. thanks again.

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What team's hat did Magnum PI wear on the show?

Detroit Tigers

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What is the actor from Magnum Pi and was his name Magnum?

The actor who starred in the hit television show Magnum P.I. is named Tom Selleck. The character he played in the television show was named Thomas Magnum.

What actor played Magnum PI in the TV show Magnum PI?

Tom Selleck

Who played Thomas Magnum on the TV show 'Magnum PI'?

Tom Selleck

What show stars an actor with a mustache?

Magnum PI

What car did Tom Selleck drive on his TV show Magnum PI?

Magnum drove a Ferrari 308 GTS.

What are some good names for a show steer?

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What were the names of the dogs on the TV show Magnum PI?

Apollo and Zeus

Is magnum pi a magazine or a tv show?

A TV show from the 1980's starring Tom Selleck

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Which television-show had birdland as a theme-song?

Magnum pi

Does magnum detox drink show up in laboratory drug test?


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Which detective did tom sellick play?

He is best known for his starring role as Hawaii-based private investigator Thomas Magnum on the 1980s television show Magnum, P.I.

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What television show was set on an island and the main characters were a cop and a writer?

Magnum PI ?

When was the TV show 'Magnum PI' canceled?

May 1, 1988

Who did Tom Selleck play on the TV show 'Magnum PI'?

The title character