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Who wore Ohio state football jerseys?

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Ohio State football players

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Most famous quarterbacks wore football jerseys.

Raiders -_- unfortunetly... But he wore raider jerseys Tupac Shakur R.I.P

Chris Carter, Mike Doss, Malcom Jenkins, Terrell Pryor

what penn state football players wore 6

Did NT a guy with the last name mitchell where it. He was a safety five years a go or so

Based on a rotation schedule, the Green Bay Packers of the National Football Conference were considered the home team, so they chose their green jerseys. The Pittsburgh Steelers of the American Football Conference wore their white jerseys. In 2012, the AFC champion will be considered the home team.

malcom jenkins,tyrelle pyror, and future Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter

Dan Herron In 2010, Jermale Hines (defense) and Jordan Hall (offense) wore number 7

They wore those green jerseys because it is called their "Throwback" jersey which the jerseys that they wore when the team first started.

The Patriots wore their home Blue jerseys.

When the National Football League and the American Football League merged in 1970, all players began wearing their names on their uniform jerseys. Before the merger, only the AFL teams wore jerseys with names.

Mike Lanese: 1982-1986, flanker, Mayfield, OH, 2 time academic all american, Rhodes scholar

The Patriots wore their home blue Jerseys for the Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints wore their white jerseys with gold pants, and the Indianapolis Colts wore their Speed blue jerseys with white pants.

I don't know who used to wear it, but currently Dane Sanzenbacher. Justin zwick he was there old quarter back who did not live up to his expectations.

Charles (Chick) Harley wore it and retired it for "The House That Harley Built."GO BUCKS!!!#47 was also worn by A.J. Hawk from 2002-2005. He currently plays professionally for the Green Bay Packers.

Archie Griffin, Andy Katzenmoyer and Jim Herbstreit.

The Steelers wore their road white jerseys in Super Bowl IX.

The Philadelphia Eagles wore their White top, Green bottom jerseys.

which football indiana hoosier football players wore number 15

The Ohio State Buckeyes wore decals on their helmets on Saturday, November 21st with the initials S.S. and a pink buckeye leaf in tribute to Stefanie Spielman. The wife of former OSU great Chris Spielman and mother of four died Thursday after an 11-year battle with breast cancer.

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