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Other than Dennis Riddle


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Caleb Castille, Kenyan Drake and Parker Philpot

Johnny Musso, DJ Hall, Mark Ingram, Christion Jones

Parker Philpot, DB; Nathan McCalister, WR, in 2012.

#2 on the 1992 Alabama football team was "The Duece" David Palmer

2 recent players to wear number 41 are Courtney Upshaw and Roman Harper

The last person to wear No.1 was Ramzee Robinson. He graduated in '06.

Steadman Shealy, Tommy Johnson, Vince Sutton, Walter Lewis

David Beckham wore the number 7 jersey before Ronaldo at Manchester United, Beckham wore the7 number jersey for England as well.

Joe Namath wore the number 12 when he played for Alabama.

DJ Williams was the football player who wore the 17 jersey for the Miami Hurricanes. He wore the jersey in his freshman year.

According to the official site of USC Trojan Athletics, there is no football player that wears the jersey number 5.

Curtis Martin wore jersey number '29', at the university of Pittsburgh.

Chuck Bednarik wore number 60 for the Eagles, played center and linebacker. Number was retired by the Eagles

Tom Brady wore the number 10 for the Wolverives from the 1996 to 1999 season.

Steadman Shealy- QB of the 1979 National Championship team. A.J. McCarron- QB of the 2011 National Championship team.

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