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Who would Justin Bieber love?

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A girl that is outgoing, funny and nice

He likes brunettes and he doesnt want a girl that is taller than him

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What is Justin Bieber Fever?

When you have Bieber Fever you are really obsessed with Justin Bieber.Bieber fever is just a saying for Justin Bieber fans...It means ur in love with Justin bieber!love him love him love him!

How do you say I love Justin Bieber in German?

I love Justin Bieber = Ich liebe Justin Bieber

Would Justin Bieber love a Filipino girl?

If Justin Bieber met a girl he liked it probably would not matter what nationality she was. So, yes, it is possible that Justin Bieber could fall in love with a Filipino girl.

Which songs are good?

Overboard by Justin Bieber Love Me by Justin bieber Baby by Justin Bieber Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber Up by Justin Bieber Common Denominator by Justin Bieber

Does beyonce love Justin Bieber?

no she doesnt and justin bieber doesnt love her

Whom did Justin Bieber love most?

who did justin bieber love the most

Does Bieber fevers love Justin Bieber?

Yes people with Bieber Fever are completely obsessed (in most cases but not necessarily in love) with Justin Bieber. oh my god i have bieber fever.........i love you Justin bieber

Does Justin Bieber like asain girls?

Justin Bieber would go out with any race that he falls in love with.

How much peapole love Justin Bieber?

millions of people LOVE Justin Bieber

Does Justin Bieber like twilight?

Yes. Justin Bieber does seem to like the Twilight Saga. In fact, he would love to be in it.

Would you like to meet Justin Bieber in real life?

Yes I love Justin Bieber I am like his biggest fan!!

Justin bieber would go out with a fosterchild?

Justin will go out with anyone he falls in love with

Does Justin love Mariah yeater?

omg, why would you say that, justin bieber hates her

Who is Justin Bieber in love with in Arkansas?

Justin Bieber is in love with a girl named Emily Moore

Is selena still in love with Justin Bieber?

YES, Justin Bieber is still in love with Selena!

Is Justin Bieber in love with ali whitly?

No, Justin Bieber is in love with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Why does Justin Bieber love his fans?

Justin Bieber loves his fans because they support him and love him. i love u Justin your so sexcy

Does Justin Bieber love elida?

No Justin bieber does NOT love her , but hes definitely i love with a girl named Maria

Do you like Justin Bieber yes or no?

Yes I love Justin Bieber I would do anything 4 him nope sry all u Justin bieber fans nope, hate him with all my heart, srry Justin bieber fans

How do you get Justin Bieber to love you?

You can get Justin Bieber to love you by making him laugh. Justin said "I like girls that can make me laugh."

Would Justin Bieber like to date an Indian girl?

Justin bieber said he would date any girl he fell in love with, so yes he would!

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