Who would be bigger the v rex or the t rex?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who would be bigger the v rex or the t rex?
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Is a v-rex a real dinosaur?

v-rexs are real they lived in the Triassic period. you can tell that a v and t-rex may have been cousins

Who is King Kong's arch enemy?

The Kong of Steel is considered to be King Kong's arch enemy.

How many fingers does a t-rex have?

Tyrannosaurus has two proper functioning fingers plus a smaller, residual nonfunctional third finger.The most primitive dinosaurs have five fingers on their hands. The first three fingers (I-II-III) have claws and the last two fingers (IV-V) didn't have claws.As theropods (the group the T.rex belongs) evolved the goup lost the two non-clawed fingers (IV-V), reducing the number of fingers to three. Most theropods have three.Nitpick: The correct abbreviation of Tyrannosaurus rex is Capital T [Dot] lower case rex.So T.rex (Scientific names are in italics).Other incorrect abbreviations: T rex, T Rex, T-Rex

How would one determine Acceleration from a V-t Graph?

The slope of graph of V->t gives the acceleration

What is v equals at solving for a?

v = a t a = v / t Bonus: t = v / a

What are the ratings and certificates for Rex regi rebellis - 2003 V?

Rex regi rebellis - 2003 V is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:7

How do you calculate absolute error?

If the true value is t and the calculated or measured value is v then absolute error = |v - t|, the absolute value of (v - t).If v >= t then the absolute value is v - tif v

How many hours would it take to drive 715 miles at 65 mph?

Use the formula: V=D/T Where V= Velocity D= Distance T = Time So solving for T T = D / V T = 715miles / 65 Mph T = 11 hours

What is the name of the line that would show constant speed on a V-T graph?

On a V-t graph, constant speed is shown as a horizontal line.

If the term Regina means queen what is the term for king?

Rex is the term for king ie george V rex

What is Velocity divided by time equals what?

Well, V=s/tso, V/t = (s/t)/tor V/t = s/t * 1/tso, V/t= s/(t^2). It is equal to acceleration.

When was T. V. Padma born?

T. V. Padma was born in 1969.