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The man with a small parachute will fall faster.

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Q: Who would fall faster a man with a small parachute or a man with a large parachute?
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Who would fall faster at a short distance small parachute or large?

a small parachute becouse it has less air ressitance meaning it traps less air than a big parachute.

Would a Parachute work on the moon?

A parachute works on Earth by effectively 'trapping air' inside of it, creating a large surface area and so a large amount of wind resistance or friction. As there is no atmosphere on the moon, there is no air to be trapped and therefore no friction. So no, a parachute would not work on the moon.A parachute works using air resistence. There is no air on the moon. Therefore a parachute would only pull you down faster. If ur planning on going to the moon i suggest you try a jetpack.

Would a parachute be balanced when it falls?

As long as it is not accelerating (going faster and faster, or slower and slower), the forces on the parachute are balanced. Initially, the parachute will accelerate - in this case the forces are unbalanced. It will continue accelerating, until the force of gravitation is balanced by the force of resistance.

How do you prove which travels faster a large or small ball?

they would both fall at the same speed

Which type of tuning fork would vibrate faster-a small short one or a large long one?

Smaller one.

Why would a small parachutes fall fastest?

A small parachute would fall faster then a larger one because there is less air resistance trying to push the small one up but the larger one has a lot of air resistance because there is more area for the air to push up. Hope this helped :P

Does a smaller parachute fly better than a big parachute?

Depends what you mean by "better". A bigger parachute provides more wind resistant so if you were to jump out of a plane, you would want to go big. If your talking speed (like a running parachute) you would want a small parachute to accommodate how much harder you want to make your run

How does weight affect a parachute?

weight would affect a parachute if you put a 500lb man on a parachute and dropped him gravity would make him travel faster towards the ground compared to if you placed a 92lb boy on a parachute as the parachute applies the same force to both of them but the man weighs more so takes more to slow down and therefor lands down on the ground first By Alister Kelly

If you were to parachute in Colorado would you fall slower or faster than in a hotter climate?

In a hotter climate, there are more conventional currents thus meaning that there will be more hot air rising which will effectively slow down the parachute. So in Colorado it will fall faster than in a hotter climate.

How does the shape of dolphin help them?

It gives them hydrodynamics so that the can "cut" through the water and move faster than, say, a parachute would.

How would the size of parachute required on a space probe to allow it to land safely on a planet such as venus which has a thick atmosphere?

It would need to have a small parachute for a planet such as venus, because the atmospheric pressure is about 90 times that on Earth. This increases air resistance (drag) slowing the probe down. Therefore, the small parachute allows the probe to have more acceleration.

What is the apex of a round parachute?

The apex would be the center of the round parachute.

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