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In a fight, Confucius would win as Buddha is an enlightened pacifist and would not fight back.

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Q: Who would win Confucius or Buddha?
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Who came first Confucius or Buddha?


What are the differences and similarities between Confucius and Buddha?

Both of them were philosophers. Confucius was from China, while the Buddha was from Nepal.

What were Isaiah's Buddha's and Confucius effects on beliefs?

what were the Buddha's effects on beliefs

Was Confucius Buddha or Lao Tzu the bitter one?

Confucius Buddha. To Confucius life was sour. He believed the present was out of step with the past ... To the Buddha, life on earth was bitter. ... To Lao Tzu, the harmony that existed between heaven and earth...

Who would win a fight between Buddha and Mohammed?

In a fight... Mohammed would win, because Mohammed was a blood-thirsty guy but Buddha himself was a peaceful guy and Buddha wouldn't set himself in a fight~ So Mohammed would win and would probably KO Buddha in within seconds.

Was Buddha born before Confucius?

They lived approximately around the same time.

When did Confucius and Buddha Die?

The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama Sakya) died in 483 BC, aged eighty years. Confucius (Kong Fuzi, Kong Qui) died in 479 BC, aged 72 years.

What are the three sage oriental in philosophy?

The three sages of Oriental philosophy were Confucius, Buddha and Lao-tzu. Lao-tzu was the first of them but Confucius is believed to be the greatest of them.

Who would win Buddha or Oden?

Whichever oucome would bring greatest beneit to sentient beings.

Who would win in a fight a Buddha or God?

Monks because they know kung fu.

Did Confucius and Buddha meet?

Not to anyones knowledge. The Buddha, Siddhārtha Gautama, lived from 563 - 483 BC and traveled through India and Nepal. Confucius lived from 551 BC - 479 BC in China. Their lives overlapped but they did not travel outside their respective cultures.

What are the most famous people who helped people in history?

The most famous people in history who helped others would be Jesus Christ, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, Mother Theresa, and Clara Barton.

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