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batista would win

Batista would probs win, but Great Khali is a little bit stronger than batista, but i think batista would get the better of him bcos he has had more experiance.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-26 11:35:50
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Q: Who would win Great Khali or Batista?
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Who is khali going to fight in unforgiven 2007?

The Great Khali went into the Unforgiven PPV in 2007 as the World Heavyweight Champion. He faced Batista and Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat match for the title. Batista hit the spine buster on Khali and pinned him to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Who will be the next worldheavyweight champion?

Batista- he is going to win the do or die matchagainst Edge. At least until someone like The Great Khali faces him

Who is bigger Andre the giant great Kali or the big show?

Khali Andre the giant 7'4 Great Khali 7'5 Big Show 7'0 Great Khali would win!

Who would win in a fight on wwe Andre the giant or the great khali?

Andre the Great Khali is no match for a 7foot 500 pound giant.

Who would win big show vs great khali?

great khali by far because the big show and great khali are almost the same height but khali is all mussel and the big show is mostly fat and mussel always beats fat

Who would win in the fight between Bruce Lee and the great khali?

bruce lee

Who would win batista or randy ortan?

batista could take randy ortan and his group on and win

Who would win a match out of aundre the giant and khali?

Andre the giant would win easy

Who would win out of batista and tajari?

Batista tajari is not even around eny more

Who would win in a match between shaun michaels and batista?

Batista would win mainly because he's younger and more powerful the HBK.

Who would win in a match kofi kington vs jackswagger vs the great khali?

probably Jack Swagger because kofi and swagger would double team khali and then it would be one-on-one and then probably swagger would take kofi out. Just my opinion.

Will the Great Khali will ever win a heavyweight title again?

yes,he will win heavy weight title as he is so powerful.

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