Who would win Michael Myers vs the strangers?

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Michael, definitely.
The strangers. Not only because there are three strangers, but Michael myers
doesn't use his brain. The strangers use it a little bit.
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Who is Michael Myers?

He's the killer from the Halloween movies. There is also a famous Canadian comic actor named Michael Myers (most famous for doing the voice of Shrek, and playing Wayne in Wayne's World ), but he typically goes by Mike Myers.

Who was Michael Myers?

Michael Myers is an immortal fictions character who played a leading role in the very successful franchise of "Halloween" films he is a mad psycho who over the course of eight movies and four or five Halloween nights goes on a killing spree where he attempts to kill his sister Laurie Strode and succ ( Full Answer )

Who would win venom vs carnage?

Carnage is the winner hands down. Venom thinks he is a defender of the weak and Carnage does not care about human life. I see carnage using a hostage to get the upper hand. Carnage is stronger, faster, and his symbiote has more powers. Carnage can create bladed weapons and throw them, he can extend ( Full Answer )

Who would win ironman vs magneto?

magneto, ironman is in a suite of METAL, magneto controls METAL!!!!! do the math!!!! is this supposed to be a joke? hahaha iron+magnet= attraction so Ironboy is massacred hi its ironmanfan99 improving the retard aboves answer tony has something in his suit so magnetos powers render usless

Who would win Micheal Myers or Jason?

none cause in one movie they did fight but they get hit by a car and 2 guys found Micheal and killed them and Jason will not die

Will Michael Myers be in Freddy vs Jason part 2?

First off there will not be a FVJ 2, they were going to make one with Ash Williams in it to kill of both Jason and Freddy but instead made it into a comicbook series of 6 issues. and they can't make FVJVM because Michael is owned by Demension, and Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface are owned by New LIne ( Full Answer )

Who would win Michael Myers or Jason vorhees?

Though they are both very big and strong, the fact of the matter is that Jason Vorhees is an immortal zombie, and Micheal Myers is just a strong guy.

Jason vs Michael Myers?

Jason. He has a giant machete and is basically indestructable. There is no way Michael meyers could kill him with a little kitchen knife.

Do Freddy Jason and Michael Myers fight in Freddy vs Jason 2?

There are no plans for a Freddy vs Jason 2, at least not right now, if they do make another one Michael probably won't be in it, the same company owns both Freddy and Jason which makes a crossover easy, Michael is owned by a different company and they don't want a crossover.

Who would win in a fight Jason or Micheal Myers?

Jason would win because Michael is a human (no he not if he was human there would only be one Halloween that because mike got sho 12 times in the chest) and Jason is not and in Freddy vs Jason Freddy puts like 12 spikes in Jason and he pules them out and is total fine but that would kill Michael (li ( Full Answer )

Who would win chucky vs Michael Myers?

Michael might win, but chucky is small and fast so its hard to tell. \nbut if it was up to me i would let them both survive like in freddy vs jason. \n

Who would win Adolf Hitler or Michael Myers?

Adolf Hitler was not a physically superior specimen. He was basically a very fragile, normal, human being with keen oratory skills and a keen exploitative mind. Michael Myers is a supernatural force of evil. He is an experienced killer with years of hand to hand combat experience. He has been see ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight Michael Myers or Jason voorhees?

They are both tough guys, but Jason is an immortal zombie and Michael Myers is just a tough guy Michaels that can't die so probably a tie. I think Jason would win mostly because he has a longer weapon and has killed more people. Any true horror fan knows that Myers would beat Voorhees's behind ( Full Answer )

Who would win scream or Michael?

there is no answer because they only have knives and they are a great challenge i will say Micheal would win. i hope they will make scream vs Micheal. answered by stinker squirt and monkey breath.

Who would win in a fight between Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers?

Both are awesome. Man if there was a fight between Freddy and Michael it' ll be hard to choose. Since Freddy will have no problem taking Michael Myers down in the dream world, the real world will be even more harder. In this fight I think Freddy will find Michael more challenging then with Jason. Ja ( Full Answer )

Who would win Wolverine vs Carnage?

Carnage would probably eat Wolverine alive. Although Wolverine can heal, it's not as fast as some people think; it's only faster than your average human and doesn't happen right on the spot. He's also not invincible to things like fire and can be kill by it. The only thing that is basically indest ( Full Answer )

Dog vs cats who would win?

This question actually depends on the cats and dogs itself. If the cat is well trained and fearless, it might win a dog which is timid and pampered, meaning they get to laze around all day. However, if the dog is really fierce, it might win whichever cat that dares to fight it.

Who would win in a fight Micheal Myers or freddy krueger?

I love Michael, but I think Freddy would win. He is already dead and torments his victims in their dreams. That's where your wrong, Michael does not sleep and Freddy more human like, so it's gonna be Michael.

Who would win Ironhide vs Megatron?

Megatron has strength and unbreakable will. Ironhide has aim and guns, not to mentions he an Autobot, Seeing as the good guy always wins Ironhide would win he might get hurt badly but he would end up winning. Now if it weren't for that fact Megatron. He is bigger than Ironhide and he can move fast. ( Full Answer )

Who would win rhino vs lion?

the rhino would send the lion flying into the air, and fall down. so the rhino would win.

Who would win sandman vs galactus vs hulk?

hulk.hands down to the ground.Why?well because hulk already defeats galactus and the only thing to do with sandman is water,are a hand clap every so often. - In an alternate universe, Zombie Hulk defeated Galactus. However the typical Hulk would not be able to defeat Galactus by any stretch. The ( Full Answer )

Who would win zoro vs sanji?

Zoro would win: // his bounty is higher then sanji // zoro uses swords and sanji only uses legs //zoro is more stronger then sanji Zoro is the same as luffy, luffy got bigger bounty because he want to fight the strongerz person like lucci

Who would win Thanos vs Superman?

Superman is the man, but he will be owned. He can barely defeat Darkseid one on one, and Thanos is arguably stronger, especially since he cant die. Plus, Thanos fights foes that are stronger then him for a living. That is what he does. He finds an insurmountable task, then after he completes it, he ( Full Answer )

Who would win Michael Myers Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger?

Michael Myers would win in a fight against Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Even though Freddy is in your dreams and Jason is at Camp Crystal Lake and Michael usually goes back to Haddonfield to his house. If they ever came against each other, Michael is stronger, faster, smarter, and harder to ki ( Full Answer )

Who would win deer vs a donkey?

Well, obviously, that depends on the type of deer and donkey and their respective ages. Does the deer have antlers? I'm also assuming they are both in a cage (like MMA fighting) as deer are usually flighty creatures and would run away. Please provide more details so a proper answer can be given.

Who would win ninja vs samarai?

The ninjas would win any day of the week. The samurai would have three ninja stars in his armor before he could draw his sword.

What does Michael Myers do?

His aim is to kill all his family members but kills anyone that he comes across in the process

Who would win marvel vs dc vs capcom?

it wold proboly be a tie No. what would happen is that marvel and dc annihalate capcom. then marvel would win since they have an omnipotent called the one above all.

Who would win spartan vs Nazi?

let's examine the arsenal of weapons that the spartan and nazi could use in a battle for a moment. gewehr 41 gewehr 43 gewehr 98 mp 40 mp 41 mg 34 mg 42 fg 42 spartan weaponry a spear a sword and thin armor (not to mention the thin sheild) so basicly...the nazi wins hands down.

Who would win skunk vs lion?

The lion, no question. Skunk spray would simply make the lion even more determined to kill the skunk.

Who would win galactus vs thanos vs apocalypse?

They are all very powerful and unable to die but galactus wins because he is the strongest and smartest out of all and even if thanos has the infinity gauntlet galactus still wins and apocalypse is strong too but will get taken out first. 1. Galactus 2.Thanos 3. Apocalypse that is from strongest to ( Full Answer )

Who would win the thing vs ravage?

Ravage wins because he is stronger than a calm hulk and thing is weaker than a calm hulk and ravage has a healing factor thing does not he is smarter than thing and he can just beat up thing. So ravage wins.

Who would win juggernaut vs ironclad?

that's not really a match juggernaut would kill ironclad because he cant die ironclad can he is smart at hand to hand combat he is unstoppable while ironclad will just fly and fall down after his unstoppability and juggernaut has stalemented hulk while ironclad gets defeated in a punch or two by hul ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight leather face or Micheal Myers?

Most likely Leatherface I'd say. He's a beefier opponent, and has more reach with his chainsaw. Also, he appears to be the more lucid and mobile of the two, and just a bit more animalistic.

Who would win Frankenstein vs Michael Myers?

Most likely Frankenstein because he's much stronger. --Improved-- I think that Dracula would win against Frankenstein because he would just have to bite Frankenstein to restore his health. It's like he has a built in healing spell for himself.

Who would win Michael Myers vs Moby Dick?

Moby Dick is a giant sperm whale and Michael Myers is a killer that is the size of a man. Moby Dick would kill Michael Myers very easily. So Moby Dick would win.