Who would win a Pokemon battle Blastoise or swampert?

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How do you catch a Blastoise in Pokemon Pearl?

That's a tricky one. I'll do it in steps, as there is no way of catching it in the game without using a Action Replay, ect. Remember, the Pokemon you want to transfer ( step 4&5 )MUST be in a Box ( Eg. BOX 1 / BOX 2. It will NOT work if the Pokemon is in your Party. 1) Have Pokémon FireRed. ( Full Answer )

Where do you find swampert in Pokemon Diamond?

you need to go to hearthome city and in the house next to the Pokemon centre you can trade it for a skuntank i cant do it because it keeps saying on about the eevee

How do you get Blastoise Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Blastoise is found in Western Cave, floors 89-98. Your leader must be level 90 with a friend bow. You have to have the friend area turtleshell pond. get a squirtle as your'e partner or your'e self and evolve him These are the questions you should if you wan't to be a squirtle: 1Q. If there was ( Full Answer )

How do you find Blastoise in Pokemon diamond?

you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green. you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green. you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green

I have a Swampert in Pokemon emerald if I trade him to Pokemon fire red would I be able to teach him hydro cannon on Island 2 then trade him back to my Pokemon emerald game My Blastoise has already be?

sorry, you cant. you can only use the move tutor on island 2 for YOUR starter in FIRERED. even if you trade in another Kanto starter, like venusaur, it still wont work. u can only use it on 3rd stage evos (venusaur, blastoise, charizard) that u started out with two things. 1. fire red is johto n ( Full Answer )

Is blastoise a good pokemon?

It depends on your personal preference. However, Blastoise has the potential of being a very powerful Pokemon.

How can a swampert breed on Pokemon emerald?

First you need to have a female Mudkip. You can get a female Mudkip like the starter Pokemon. First you need to save the game before you will choose the starter Pokemon. If you will get a male restart the game. Do it over and over again till you will get a female Mudkip. Then catch a male Marill and ( Full Answer )

Pokemon ruby swampert moves?

Through training Swampert can learn: Mud Sport(level 25), Take down (level 31), Muddy Water (level 39), Protect (level 46), Earthquake (level 52), and Endeavor (level 61). You can also teach it 23 TMs and 5 HMs

Where is swampert in Pokemon Ranger?

You can find Swampert in the Go-Rock squads base or after you defeat Raquaza then go to the forest in Ringtown and go through the maze like thing and you will see him sooner or later.

Which is better swampert or Blastoise?

Definitely Swampert. It only has one weakness, ice which can be beaten with a super-effective hammer arm and Blastoise has only one type and not nearly as diverse a move set. Plus, Swampert is so dang cool and good at battle frontier and gyms.

Who would win in a battle Naruto or Pokemon?

Naruto , because naruto has nine-tail fox plus all those jutsus which is really strong. Pokemon , have made up creatures that don't really exist even though they are strong there powers are good enough.

Is swampert stronger than Blastoise?

Well, it will be a long battle if they are fighting each other. Since both Pokemon are water types, they both are Not Really effective on each other. Swampert can try using Ground type moves, but that will not really help Swampert much. I'm guessing at the end, Feraligatr will win at the end, since ( Full Answer )

Where do you see a swampert in Pokemon emerald?

Swampert is the evolvesion of mudkip which is one of the three pokemon you can pick to start out with in the beginning of the game therefore you cannot get him unless you pick mudkip at the beginning of the game

How do you get Swampert in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to trade it from a different game or you need action replay for the cheat code. You can trade if from Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby to Pokemon migration center.

Where is Blastoise at in Pokemon FireRed?

Sorry, you can't catch Blastoise in the wild. You have to evolve Wartortle.. Squirtle evolves into Wartortle at lv. 16. Wartortle evolves into Blastoise at lv.36

What are swampert moves in Pokemon emerald?

Swaperts moves are . Learned Moves: . Compatible TMs: . Tackle - Basic Growl - Basic Mud-Slap - lvl 6 Water Gun - lvl 10 Bide - lvl 15 Mud Shot - lvl 16 Foresight - lvl 20 Mud Sport - lvl 25 Take Down - lvl 31 Muddy Water - lvl 39 Protect - lvl 46 Earthquake - lvl 52 ( Full Answer )

Is swampert a legendary Pokemon?

no swampert is a stater but it really Strong. I beat the game game without fainting it once. unless its because i 1 hit the other guy but, that's just me.

In a Pokemon battle who would win Kyogre or raquza?

raquza of couse not just because he is cool but because kygore's water attacks have a little bit of reach raquza can fly . It would depend on both Raquaza and Kyogre's abilities, known attacks, levels, and stats because neither has an outright type advantage over the other. -anh1227

How do you get a Blastoise in Pokemon HeartGold?

Unfortunately, you can't get a Blastoise in Heart Gold. But, in a certain point of your game, you will be given a Squirtle (Actually, depends on what you chose because there are two more choices--Charmander & Bulbasaur) by Professor Oak. Hope I helped :)

Is this a good team for competitive battling in soulsilver typloshion swampert electrive Dragonite and Snorlax any suggestions would be nice and mybe sum advice for a 6th Pokemon?

yes that is a really good team. for a sixth pokemon, i dont know if uve got the kanto starter off of prof oak there quite good also steelix is good but its quite slow, there is also groudon which u catch in a cave near the safari park at lvl 50, but there are loads of options it all depends on ur pr ( Full Answer )

How do you defeat a Blastoise Pokemon?

The best way is to use an Electric or Grass type Pokemon. I recommend Richu, Jolteon, Electabuzz, Venasaur, and Vilplume. Make sure your Pokemon is the same level or highr than the Blastosie.

Where to catch Blastoise in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant catch blastoise in Hg or SS but after you beat all 16 gyms, elite 4, and red(red is at the top of mt. silver) talk to oak in pallet town and he will give you a choice of (squirtle, torchic, or bulbasuar) Once you have beaten Pokemon trainer red (on the top of mount silver after getting all ( Full Answer )

What would be a good rating of a Pokemon team consisting of Blastoise Meganium Alakazam and Tyranitar?

This Pokemon team will be assessed on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst possible team with the most obvious flaws and 10 being a practically unbeatable Pokemon team. The rating for your team is: 4 . Your Pokemon team has heavy flaws, one being that you have no fifth or sixth Pokemon. ( Full Answer )

Can you capture a Blastoise in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver, the only way to get a blastoise is to go to professor oaks lab after you beat the gym leaders in kanto and you can choose one of the kanto starters check this site for more: serebii.net or: clover.top-forum.net zygloman

Who would win in a Pokemon battle red or ash?

ash would because Blake wont get angry and hell back down o-------> Red would because Red is a genius and Ash is an idiot. Red KNEW about Pokemon LONG before he met Oak, Red has BEATEN the ELITE 4, AND has won the championship, and overcome many other trials. The closest Ash has been is what 8th ( Full Answer )

Who would win torterra or swampert?

You'd think torterra has the obvious advantage, but me being a swampert that knows blizzard, that gives me the upper hand. I've beaten many torterra in my day...

Is swampert a boy Pokemon?

Swampert can be either gender; male or female. Some Pokèmon, like Kangaskhan, are always female. Others are always male. Some don't even have genders! (Such as most ledgendaries and a few regular Pokèmon) But other than that, most Pokèmon (About 76%) can be both male or female. ~Lucari ( Full Answer )